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We stock a wide variety of high-quality acupuncture needles

At first glance, an acupuncture needle is a very simple instrument. It has the power, however, to create tremendous change. Knowing how acupuncture needles are made, the different kinds of handles, metals, and needle tips to choose from, will help you choose the right needle for the right patient.

The ever-increasing popularity of acupuncture has brought with it, opportunistic manufacturers. As a result, there are many companies offering brands of needles that are low in price and quality.

Companies with substandard practices survive because many practitioners are lured by these lower costs. However, we must recognize that the driving success of our profession is the positive experience and confidence we generate in our patients. A substandard needle creates a substandard result. Here at Eastern Currents we have done the legwork to find superior needles that offer you a wide selection of clinical options at great value.

To read a series of tutorials on acupuncture needles please click here. We have created these tutorials for your reference. Please read them at your leisure.

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