Seirin Jumbotron

Seirin Corporation developed the first automated manufacturing processes for acupuncture needles.

Their pioneering automation procedures along with high quality materials resulted in consistent, uniform, and near painless acupuncture needles that comply with all international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality and safety requirements. Since 1978, when they developed the first single-use, disposable acupuncture needle, the Seirin Corporation has been setting the world’s standard for high-quality, uniform, near-painless acupuncture needles.

The needles feature an easy-grip, lightweight plastic handle with a soft-touch top. These needles are made of high-grade surgical stainless steel. The needle tips are machine ground offering a uniform and consistent needle tip geometry. The needle shaft is partially lubricated. These combined features allow for near-painless and smooth insertion, resulting in high levels of patient acceptance.

Seirin brand needles are famous for their colour-coded plastic handles and glue spot technology for retaining the needle in the tube. All a practitioner has to do is gently push the handle towards the open inner edge of the tube to break the glue spot prior to insertion. The simple, one-hand, method has made this needle appreciated in clinics around the world. Other standard features include easy peel-open blister packaging and EOG (Ethylene Oxide Gas) sterilization which is proven to be hygenic and non-pyrogenic.

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