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The first needle featuring a double-guide tube insertion system – the Safe-T Sleeve™

High-quality TeWa brand needles are bi-metallic, composed of a stainless steel shaft and a traditional copper-wound loop handle. The copper handle provides excellent conductivity for electro stim.

Needle tips are ground by automated machines, thereby ensuring perfect needle tip consistency.  Practitioners have noted that bi-metallic needles made of copper/stainless steel have a stronger energetic effect than those made up of metals with similar energetics, (i.e. stainless steel paired with aluminum or chrome). The yin/yang nature of the different metals creates an electron transfer which give the needles an enhanced energy.

TeWa acupuncture needles are available with either coated or non-coated needle shafts: Coated TeWa needles have a micro-layer of bio-inert FDA-approved silicone which reduces friction on insertion, enabling practitioners to reach target depth AND minimize patient discomfort. Non-Coated TeWas are great for practitioners who use direct moxa, or have patients with an allergy to silicone.

The Safe-T Sleeve™

Each TeWa needle 40mm and longer is packaged in a Safe-T-Sleeve™, the world’s first two-part guide tube. The Safe-T-Sleeve is the latest innovation in needle delivery, providing increased patient comfort and clean needle assurance.

How does the Safe-T Sleeve work? Each acupuncture needle comes in a unique two-part tube comprised of a short guide sleeve fitted to the exterior of the longer insertion tube. This design allows the practitioner to insert the needle into the dermis, then remove the inner insertion tube and utilize the guide sleeve that remains in place to complete insertion to the correct depth – all without compromising the sterility of the needle shaft. For more information on how to insert longer TeWa Needles with the new Safe-T Sleeve, please click here. The Safe-T Sleeve is ideal for all types of needling requiring 1.5″ needles or longer. Users will love it for specialty techniques like Motor Point Needling and Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS). The disposable Safe-T Sleeve can be used to replace metal needle injectors, thereby eliminating needle-injector sterilization concerns. Now available exclusively on TeWa needles.

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