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Acupuncture & Moxibustion for Headache (PMPH)

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By Guo Chang-qing and Fan Yu-shan.

This is a book on the treatment of headaches with traditional Chinese medicine. It gives a description of the TCM understanding of headaches and introduces the use of acupuncture as a treatment method.

There are nine chapters in total - the first and second chapters focus on the physiological foundation, etiology, and pathogenesis of headaches according to Western and Chinese medical theory. The third to fifth chapters concern treatments that use pattern differentiation and the different acupuncture methods used. In order to improve the clinical effect, acupuncture is always combined with other TCM therapeutic methods, such as tuina, Chinese medicinals, and scraping therapy. These methods are introduced in these chapters as well. 

There are also several pieces of useful advice on how to prevent headaches through healthy lifestyle and dietary habits. From the sixth to the ninth chapter, the selected experience of famous acupuncturists and their unique ideas on the treatment of headaches are presented. The difficult and important points in the treatment of headaches are analyzed and summarized.

This book has the following features:

  • It describes how headaches are conceived in Chinese and Western medical theory. It describes the main kinds of headache.

  • It introduces different therapeutic methods that can be used with different types of headache and offers advice concerning lifestyle and diet

  • It records several case histories showing how acupuncture and other methods are applied

  • It compiles the experiences of famous acupuncturists on the treatment of headache and selects some classic quotations concerning headache

  • It describes the trends in modern research, and comments on the achievements of researchers in China and abroad, in both fundamental and clinical aspects

Softcover, 89 pgs.


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