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Hacking Chinese Medicine

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By Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, LAc.

A person who can "hack it" is a person who can get something done. A person who can "hack" a system has the expertise to look behind superficial appearances. He knows what goes on behind the scene, understands what drives the system. He knows it so well that he can change the invisibile, underlying system to repair, restore, or create a new, improved "outer" appearance. Most of the world is watching the puppets. The puppet hacker is the insightful teacher and advisor for the puppet builder and the puppeteer.

The student of Chinese medicine who understands the subtle electrical systems that drive larger, cruder systems of human physiology and chemistry can fix the drivers when they run awry. If he only has on hand the obscure, mistranslated axioms taught in American-Chinese-medicine schools, he is treating patients by guess, hoping the one-size-fits-all herb formulas or acupuncture point combinations might work. These treatments are often stabs in the dark. That's not good enough.

After more than a quarter century of practicing acupuncture and herbology while plowing through ancient texts and studying with brilliant, generous teachers, many working off the beaten path, I slowly learned how and why this medicine works. There's a science to it: You find and fix the underlying problem; the patient gets better!

You can know what's driving your patients' problems. You can treat patients with efficiency and grace - and explain what you are doing in English, without the mumbo-jumbo. You can hack into the wondrous and highly logical science of Chinese medicine. You can hack it.

Hacking Chinese Medicine dispels the error accumulations of centuries of mistranslations and political alterations to this ancient medicine. This book is a must-read for any beginning student of Chinese medicine, or anyone who is mildly interested in what is meant by Yin and Yang, or Qi, or Damp. And for that matter, Lungs and Liver… which do not mean Lungs or Liver.

Softcover, 242 pgs.

Practitioners should also be sure to check out Janice Walton-Hadlock's new online series on Hacking Chinese Medicine - Classes 1-6 are available now!


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