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CMNS6-2 Needle Stimulator (6 CHNL)

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This 6 channel needle stimulator will be your new clinic work horse! You can choose to stimulate up to 12 needles at the same time. In blocks of 3 (2 channels each block), you can run three different frequencies on each group of needles. The range of frequencies varies 1 to 100 hz with the option of choosing continuous, intermittent and alternating (dilatational) frequencies.
This unit combines modern technology with traditional acupuncture meridian theory, thus providing practitioners with an easy-operated and portable device.
As a bonus, this unit can also be switched to operate as a TENS unit with tens pads with a simple change in settings. The unit comes with both TENS pads and electrodes with alligator clips for acupuncture needle stimulation. You can run the unit on either battery or the main building power supply. 
A Note about the Leads:

Firstly, both alligator clips on each lead are red. Other companies often have leads that come with one alligator clip that is red and the other black. This gives the impression that one clip is positive and the other is negative. However this is not the case and practitioners should not believe that to be true. All acupuncture needle stimulators produce an alternating frequency that changes polarity with each pulse of energy. This is done for a very specific safety reason. If the polarity did not change between the clips, then the black would always be negative and the red would always be positive. When that happens, an ionic charge starts to build up in the tissues around the needle and can cause minor burn/irritation to the tissues. Or, the continual ionic charge building up along the shaft of the needle may weaken the metal leading to possible breakage of the shaft if prolonged electrostimulation is performed. 
For this safety reason, all electrostimulation units switch polarities on each alligator clip to discharge the ionic buildup. This manufacturer choose to not confuse the issue and use red for both alligator clips on each lead to confirm that there is no “always positive” or “always negative” clip. 
Secondly, we identified a small irritating issue with the plastic tubing put on the alligator clips. The actual metal handle of the alligator clip is quite short. In order to open the clip to attach it to the needle, you need to press on the metal handle to open the clip. With this unit, the manufacturer (for reasons we do not know) has placed a longer red tube over the handle, which gives the impression that the metal handle is much longer. It makes you think you can open the alligator clip by pressing anywhere along the red tubing. Sadly, it does not. We just recommend cutting the excess plastic off so you can easily see where to put your fingers to press and open the clip.  See image below

Each unit comes with:
6 x  Alligator leads, 3 x 2.00 mm TENS leads and 6 x TENS Self-Adhesive Pads (50 x 50 mm) and a manual. 

Technical Parameters
Output waveform is asymmetric double triangle tip wave and output base wave is rectangular wave.
Output frequency: 1 HZ -100HZ adjustable( deviation±15%)
Impulse width: 0.175ms(deviation±30%)
Output voltage peak value: high level, 50 V ( allowable deviation ±30% 500 Ω rated load), only for skin electrode low level, 20 V (allowable deviation ±30% 250 Ω rated load),only for filiform-needle electrode
Output impulse channel: 6 channels
The device should have no DC component output
Effective values of max output current at 1000Ωand 250Ω load is not more than 10mA(r.m.s)
Timing : 1-99min(deviation±10%)
Power source: Alkaline battery R14/UM2×6,DC9V
or specific power adapter: model ABT005090. Input:220V~,50Hz, output: DC9V
500mA (recommend to use adapter complying with GB 9706.1)
Output waveform
a) continuous wave: 1Hz~100Hz adjustable
b) intermittent wave: frequency 1 HZ -100HZ adjustable. Interrupted wave time 5s±2s, continuous wave time 15±3s.
c) dilatational wave: frequency 1Hz~20Hz adjustable; dense wave 5Hz~100Hz adjustable; disperse time 5s±2s; dense time 10s±3s.
Skin electrode: 50mm×50mm,deviation±10%; electrical impedance170Ω,deviation±10%
Volume: 238 mm×184mm×75mm
Weight: approx. 657g
Note: 1) Frequency, impulse width and intensity vary with different mode.
2) Different impedance ( for skin electrode 500Ω,for Filiform-needle electrode
250Ω) has impact


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