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FLOW 2021: Day 2, March 27, 2021

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7 CEUS (inlcuding 1 hr Qi Gong): Standard; NCCAOM approved;
IVAS approved (Max daily 5.5: no Qi Gong - see below for session CEU approvals) 


FLOW Symposium 2021: Day 2, March 27, 2021

Saturday March 27
Bob Quinn and Laurie Regan
Morning 1hr talk (1 CEU) (.5 CEU IVAS)
The Chinese Symbol System Hides in your Patients’ Dreams!
We know from our ancient texts that Chinese scholar-physicians have long recognized the diagnostic importance of dream images, much as Carl Jung discovered centuries later. The late Jeremy Taylor, a noted dream therapist and Bob Quinn ‘s mentor of many years in dream interpretation, always claimed: All dreams come in the service of health, healing, and wholeness (yes, even nightmares). He also once said: No system of medicine can make a claim to being authentically (w)holistic if it excludes dreams.
That is a bold statement, and we might find ourselves reacting defensively to this claim, but it is in a certain sense mathematically demonstrable. We are asleep 1/3 of our lives, so how can we claim to represent a (w)holisitic perspective, if we exclude what occurs in our dreams. 
In this seminar Bob Quinn, DAOM and Laurie Regan, Ph.D., ND, will present the Projective Dreamwork Method that Jeremy Taylor developed and show how it is remarkably consistent with what is written in the Nei Jing. Dreams often contain clear five-phase themes, but that is not the only manner in which our Chinese Medicine symbol system shows up in dreams—san jiao theory occurs in dreams, yin-yang theory, acupuncture point names, hints on needed changes in herbal direction, and so on. Once one sees how helpful and illuminating this information can be, there is no turning back.
Afternoon 3hr Talk (3 CEUS) (1.5 CEUS IVAS)
Dream Interpretation – The Finer Details On Making This An Exciting Part Of Your Practice!
In this 3 hour afternoon workshop, Bob and Laurie will share the work they have done on hundreds of dreams in this Chinese Medicine manner. The results have been so exciting that dream analysis has become a key part of Bob’s clinical practice, both at National University of Natural Medicine where he teaches, and in his private clinic. Many patient dreams will be presented in this seminar for the participants to actually work, as if they were with the client. These dreams will clearly demonstrate the value of engaging patients in this way. This can result in surprisingly effective treatments, but it also should be mentioned that when patients see that the images arising from their deeper unconscious realms contain helpful therapeutic information, it changes them in a profound way. They become more engaged in their own healing process. Of course, this is an excellent way to create a closer mentorship relationship with your patients, because these patients, once convinced that their dreams offer key clues to their healing, are the most loyal patients imaginable. Teaching and mentoring patients is a key aspect to the FLOW (Facilitating Life – and Optimizing Wellness) nature of a TCM or Integrative Practitioner’s practice. By encouraging patients to look for connections and signs in both their waking and sleep times, you empower them to use this information to optimize their wellness over time.
Participants will leave the seminar with a clear framework for working with their patients’ dreams and the confidence to start the journey. Resources for further study will be shared. Please join us for a memorable seminar that might just be a key inflection point for your life and career.
David Bray 
Morning 1hr Talk (1 CEU) (1 CEU IVAS)
The Endometrium from a Chinese Medicine Perspective 
The endometrium is an important element of the female reproductive system, playing key roles during the menstrual cycle as well as during pregnancy. The endometrium is made up mostly of mucosal tissue and has two layers; 1) the stratum basalis, attaches to the layer of smooth muscle tissue of the uterus called the myometrium serves as an anchor for the endometrium within the uterus and stays relatively unchanged, and 2) the stratum functionalis, which is a dynamic layer that changes in response to the monthly flux of hormones that guide the menstrual cycle and is the layer of the endometrium where a fertilized egg (or blastocyst) will implant if conception takes place. In order to generate a healthy, strong and vital uterine lining it is important to clear the old lining in order to regenerate a new lining.  Many woman may encounter conception/implantation issues relative to the quality of their lining and as a result experience problems with successful conception that may result in spontaneous recurrent miscarriage.  This morning session will review and explore the factors that influence the uterine lining from a Chinese medicine perspective.
Afternoon 3hr talk (3 CEUS) (3 CEUS IVAS)
Building the Wall – Strategies & Insights in Managing and Building a Healthy Uterine Lining with Chinese Medicine 
Building on the review session of the morning, the afternoon session will explore the main causes and etiologies of an inadequate/incompetent uterine lining from a Chinese medicine point of view. Employing Chinese medicine strategies to efficiently clear a lining during the menstrual phase are the first step that will be explored. Following the clearing of the endometrium different strategies are employed in the follicular phase to regenerate a competent and healthy uterine lining in anticipation of conception. Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, lifestyle and nutritional strategies are powerful strategies to assist in achieving and optimal endometrial lining.
Brenda Hood 
Morning 1hr talk (1 CEU) (1 CEU IVAS)
Space and Spirit: The Final Frontier for Acupuncturists
In this morning talk, we will explore the relationship between spaces, spirit and the clinical practice of Chinese medicine. The philosophy of Daoism is very clear on the relationship between form, the spaces delineated by form and spirit. As we will learn, this relationship is manifest in the embodiment of spirit in the material body. The observation and treatment of blockages, discontinuity or lack of coherence between the two is a major part of Chinese Medicine practice and, indeed, a major part of the foundational anatomy explicated within its theories. This discussion explores the questions ‘how do we as clinicians understand this relationship’ and ‘how can we rectify any discontinuity such that our patients better manifest their health and vitality’.
Afternoon 3hr talk (3 CEUS) (3 CEUS IVAS)
Energetic Hygiene and the Practical Training of Hands and Heart for Clinicians
Beginning with a short introduction to practices that help energetically protect the clinician as they work in the field of Qi, the bulk of the class will be given over to simple practices that enable the opening of sensitivity in the hands and Heart. Ultimately, with daily practice, you will experience improved confidence in “knowing” and in a short time, the increased tactile sensitivity you eventually cultivate will become a normal part of your clinical experience with the following benefits: firstly - removing much of the stress inherent in feeling that one is “guessing” on their diagnosis and treatment plan and secondly, but even more importantly, improving your patient outcomes.


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