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FLOW 2021: Day 3, March 28, 2021

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7 CEUS (including 1 hr Qi Gong): Standard; NCCAOM approved;
IVAS approved for max 5.25 daily (excludes Qi Gong, see below for session CEU approvals) 


FLOW 2021: Day 3, March 28, 2021
Sonia Tan 
Morning 1hr talk (1 CEU) (.25 CEU IVAS)
An introduction to the implementation of Astrology, Acupuncture and Feng Shui.
You are sitting at home with your cup of tea to regulate your body’s Qi, as you mindfully absorb the beauty of nature around you in your favourite feel-good spot, on a day where you chose to take this time for yourself. You just practiced the harmony of the Three Essences at a simple level. The Three Essences are the ancient Chinese metaphysics concept of the unity and harmony of man and natural law - Heaven - Tian ?, Earth - Rén ? and Humankind - Dì ?. This concept can be applied and seen in various aspects of our life, such as the timing and destiny of Astrology (our energetic DNA), human influences, and Feng Shui (environmental harmony). Doctors of ancient China would work with all Three Essences to align a patient’s energetic constitution. This would be done by balancing with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, recommending appropriate lifestyle choices and advising on optimal Feng Shui. You know that energy exists in all things. Open the door a little more and discover how energy can be integrated even more so with each other. Discover the synthesis of the Three Essences (San Cái ??) with some simple starter tips and case examples. Learn some additional basic Feng Shui concepts you can implement right away in your practice and your life.
Afternoon 3 hr talk  (3 CEUS) (.75 CEUS IVAS)
Three Essences Integration – Bringing it all together!
We will continue down the path of integrating simple aspects of the Three Essences (San Cái ??)
into our practice with more explanations and case examples of how all the little changes may impact a patient’s life harmony.
Sonia Tan Bio:
Janice Walton Hadlock 
Morning 1 hr (1 CEU) (1 CEU IVAS)
Treating blockages and freeing the lungs: a dive into Intrinsic Asthma: blockages in the Bladder and Kidney channels Part 1
One-hour lecture: Intrinsic (non-allergy) asthma is well-treated using acupuncture. By locating the channel aberrations in the Bladder and/or Kidney channels, you can know which acupoints want attention. 
The lecture will explain the underlying cause and the treatment of intrinsic asthma. In all cases seen thus far in our asthma research projects, the asthma was caused by the failure of channel Qi to reach the adrenal glands via the Kidney channel. The most common source of this failure occurs along the Urinary Bladder channel. 
This talk will cover the changes in channel qi flow that should occur in healthy Bladder and Kidney channels in response to an increased need for adrenaline, and how the body’s failure to make these changes leads to intrinsic asthma. 
When an adrenaline increase is not able to occur, usually due to channel blockages in either the Bladder or Kidney channel, the body uses a secondary Emergency Mode system: the mammalian dive reflex.  The physiology of the mammalian dive reflex, in which the throat is closed off and mucus lines the airways, is identical to the physiology and symptoms of intrinsic asthma.
Afternoon 3 hr (3 CEUS) (3 CEUS IVAS)
Treating blockages and freeing the lungs: Using live cases we further a dive into Intrinsic Asthma: Part 2
First, we will first discuss the most common locations for the Bladder and/or Kidney channel blockages that prevent the adrenal gland from responding to a call for more oxygen. 
Then, this interactive workshop will have volunteer patients in our “virtual” lecture hall. Class attendees can present their mask-wearing asthma patients to our virtual class. These presenters will need to know how to feel the flow of channel Qi. They will be guided by the teacher to feel for the most common locations at which Bladder and Kidney channel Qi is disrupted in people with intrinsic asthma. Once the channel blockages are located, the presenter will treat the patient and the whole class will be able to see the patient’s response, if any.  If a class attendee has intrinsic (non-allergy) asthma, he/she can be a patient, if accompanied by a colleague who knows how to feel channel Qi. 

Moshe Heller
Morning 1 hr talk (1 CEU) (1 CEU IVAS)
Anxiety in children during the pandemic – Part 1 
We have seen an increase of cases of anxiety and depression in children during this pandemic. Not only are they anxious of having to deal with the fear of getting the disease, but also lack of social interaction, needing to adapt to a different learning environment and possible tensions within the household all impact the level of anxiety. 
In this morning talk we will discuss what are the possible patho-mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety in today’s child.  
Afternoon 3 hr talk (3 CEUS) (3 CEUS IVAS)
Anxiety in children during the pandemic – Part 2
In the afternoon workshop, we will further deconstruct anxiety in youth and look at a 5 the element perspective of this disorder and how it can help us understand the patient and provide more accurate treatment. Furthermore we will discuss how we can use 5 element theory to explore the family dynamic and provide children and parents tools to interact harmoniously so to reduce anxiety levels within the whole family. Seeing a youth’s anxiety from this 5 element whole family system framework will provide practitioners greater treatment options to resolve this new type of emotional pandemic of fear.  


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