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PureFood Iron

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Pranin Organic's effective, unique PureFood™ Iron formula contains 100% organic, non-GMO moringa leaves, amla berries, and curry leaves. It is a great source of bio-available non-heme iron. PureFood™ Iron provides all of the naturally occurring cofactors that cells need in order to effectively absorb and utilize iron, including Beta Carotene, amino acids, fats, Zinc, and Vitamin C.
Processed with only air, light, and water, Pranin Organic's PureFood™ Iron does not contain any synthetic nutrients, binders, fillers, or common allergens such as dairy, corn, yeast, soy, and is gluten-free. PureFood™ Iron has been clinically-tested and does not cause any of the negative side effects (such as constipation or nausea) that can occur when consuming synthetic iron supplements.

  • Restore and maintain healthy iron levels in blood without constipation & nausea.
  • Clinically-tested PureFood™ Iron helps decrease the risk of anemia and is a great source of other nutrients and antioxidants.
  • PureFood™ Iron ease of use makes patient compliance high! Simply add to water, juice, or your favourite smoothie recipe.

Curry leaf powder, Amla berry powder, Moringa leaf powder

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  • Blend one scoop into water, juice, or smoothie once per day. Refrigerate after opening.
Each 30g jar contains a one-month supply of PureFood™ Iron.

Pranin's natural healthcare products ensure that holistic health professionals achieve the desired clinical results – healthier, happier patients. Created specifically by a practitioner for practitioners, Pranin's products have all the things you want for your patients and none of the things you don't.

Here are some of the reasons clinicians love Pranin's nutritional and therapeutic products:
  • PureFoodTM products are organic, whole food nutrients that contain their natural biofactors and enzymes.
  • Prepared in powder form, they do not contain any of the additives that impede digestion and absorption, such as inorganic minerals, binders, fillers and coatings.

Please note we are unable to ship Pranin outside Canada at this time.

*Important note about this Nutrition Facts Table:
  Every batch of Pranin's products is unique as they are totally natural products and not standardized extracts. Due to natural variances in crops of their food ingredients, nutritional values can vary significantly with each batch. The nutrition facts presented here may vary from the product that you receive.


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