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Prime Physioblade

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Soft tissue treatment tool made in Germany.

Many therapists, like massage therapists or chiropractors, may experience pain and irritation in their hands from overtreating patients. Methods like the Prime Physioblade approach help prolong practitioners' careers and create a more successful practice.

With the ergonomic handle and easy-to-use grips, the Prime Physioblade prevents excess joint stress in the practitioner’s hand.

The Physioblade has a double-beveled edge. One side of the tool as an angle of 40° and the other has an angle of 60°. This allows the practitioner to target superficial and deep tissues using the different edges. When felt in the practitioner’s hands, the edges may feel sharp, but when the tool is used, the edges feel smooth and comfortable to the patient.

The Physioblade is made of stainless steel to provide easy cleaning and to detect adhesions by transmitting vibration, rather than absorbing it like plastic or aluminum tools. The Physioblade is designed with various surface areas of the body in mind.

A handy pouch is supplied that both protects the tool and can be attached to a belt to make sure it is always on hand when treating patients.

Treatment Protocol

Always use a cream to assist with the glide of the tool over the skin. We have found that a cream with a cooling effect is a nice little bonus, but use any cream that you are happy with.

Warm-up is important both for increasing blood flow to the area and preparing the tissue for treatment.

With the Prime Physioblade, the one side of the tool can be used for superficial analysis and to warm up the tissue, and detect myofascial adhesions.

The treatment edges of the instruments are double beveled. One side of the double beveled edges is more comfortable, but produces less pressure, and is used early in the series of treatments or at the beginning of a treatment. As more pressure is desired, the practitioner can flip over the tool and use the other edge of the tool, we have made it easy to decide which side you are using by adding the word DEEP to one side, if you can read this while treating the patient, YOU ARE USING THE edge designed for Deeper tissue treatment!

The Physioblade is comfortable to use, and provides mechanical advantage for soft tissue techniques. The Prime Physioblade is designed with multiple shapes and edges for a multitude of applications all in one device.

Initial Superficial work in the assessment phase, looking for myofascial adhesions and scar tissue that could be causing pain and weakness in the muscle. The myofascial adhesion or “grittiness” must be found while applying the instruments. The instruments only enhance effectiveness if the treatment is correct. Using the instrument in a cookbook technique in which you just “rub where it hurts” is of little use.

Bruising is common and occurs in some patients even with light to moderate pressure. The history must include questioning about how easily the patient has bruised to help determine how deep to apply pressure. Before treatment, patients should be informed that bruising is common and consent should be obtained. Practicing with self-treatment will quickly teach you the difference between traumatizing the tissue and extraversion of fluids that occurs from use the instruments on soft tissues.

Using the tool in combination with Taping (kinesiology tapes) and other methods provides for a fuller treatment of your patients.

Dimensions: 19 cm length, 12 cm wide, 3mm thick, 180g.

Attention: This product is not CE certified.


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