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Recorded Seminar: Kiiko Style Intakes and Cases with Kiiko Matsumoto

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CEUs/PDAs: 10 1/2   Approved by: Canada, California, NCCAOM.

Kiiko Matsumoto has developed a now famous style of acupuncture, KMS (Kiiko Matsumoto Style) based on Japanese principles of hara assessment. She has developed this art to master finding the acupuncture points that clearly release the patient's pain and/or symptoms. Using this abdominal information on the reflection of disease, and after stimulating potential acupuncture treatment points, KMS includes verifying that the abdominal (hara) reflection of disease has been reduced.

In this online course, Kiiko will introduce some of the important theories she uses to implement effective acupuncture resolution of old patterns of pain and disease. Case histories illustrate issues discussed.

Course objectives:

1) To learn where pain and disease are held and reflected in the hara (abdomen) and in acupuncture meridians.
2) To learn the theory of how these are related, and can be addressed.
3) To understand issues presented by viewing case studies.

Video Parts include:

Part 1

  • The significance of collecting medical history and family history
  • Discussion about some of the more commonly missed surgeries or conditions that have a big impact on symptoms: Lazy eye, head injuries, etc.
  • Nan Ching 5-element abdominal map for diagnosis
  • Tan Tien reflexes and importance of addressing weakness in this area. Tan Tien connection with Shen is also discussed

Part 2

  • Tan Tien, sympathetic reactions and the connection to the immune system
  • SCM and Trapezius tightness, Cranial Nerve connection
  • Palpation of the SCM for diagnosis
  • Case 1: Major car accident, massive head injury and headaches

Part 3

  • Ming Men Kidney, Tan Tien and connection to Spleen-20 on the left
  • Manji discussion
  • Case 2: Melanoma scar, cataract scar,  huge fibroids and back pain

Part 4

  • Cancer point location
  • Case 3: Lazy eye and shoulder pain

Part 5

  • Small intestine channel, sciatica and eye connection
  • Different adrenal combinations discussed
  • Ren-9 pulsing reflex and treatment
  • Ban Shin moxa device demonstrated
  • Psoriasis skin treatment ointment discussed
  • Ren-4 and L5 line connection
  • “Dai Mai Slice” aka “Side of Tan Tien” points discussed
  • SI joint treatments
  • Case 4: Ectopic pregnancy, migraines and sciatica

Part 6

  • Case 4: Ectopic pregnancy, migraines and sciatica continues
  • Case 5: Medical history introduced but treatment doesn’t start in this section
  • Immune points and Stomach Qi discussed
Part 7
  • Case 5: Continued: repeated strep throat infections, 3 concussions and C4-6 pain are examined
  • Lazy eye and shoulder pain discussed

Once purchased, you will have 1 year to complete the CEU requirements. During this time, you must view the training and complete any required documents to get your certificate. You must also print and save your certificate during this time. As of November 2016, you now have unlimited access to the recording for the purpose of reviewing the material for as long as the course is on the EC Learning site.

Cancellation policy: Please note we do not offer refunds for our recorded online courses/webinars.



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