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Recorded Seminar: Master Tung's Magic Points - Point Location & Needling Guidelines Series

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CEUs/PDAs: 9 (Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM, CAB, Florida).

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Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM, CAB, Florida
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Course Type: This is a recorded seminar.
Access-Period Access Period: All parts of the Point must be completed within 1 year.
Notes: There are no notes for download with this course.

Series Overview:

In these webinars you will learn how to find the exact point location, first through the body’s landmarks and then through concise palpation. The best points, faultlessly needled, should have a tangible effect within moments of their application. This is what you will learn to expect from properly needling Tung’s points. Susan will help you to recognize what might be an incorrect needling of Master Tung’s Points and give you the understanding you need to perfect your point location and needling techniques. In the Supervision webinars, you will learn how to perfectly execute the most commonly used points in this extraordinary system of acupuncture. Whether you have been practicing for decades or perhaps only months, you will benefit from Susan’s careful guidance and personal attention to detail, as she critiques the needling experience of her students, on different body shapes and sizes. 

As demonstrated in these webinars, created from her supervision classes in Vancouver, British Columbia and San Jose, California, Susan maintains a supportive, informative, encouraging and inspirational environment for the optimum learning of these points. As students often make the same kinds of mistakes in needling, watching Susan’s corrections to a wide variety of practitioners’ point location of each point pattern, can be enormously helpful. These Supervision webinars are invaluable in assuring that every point is flawlessly applied and perfected. 

Series Objectives:

Upon completion of this recorded seminar series you will be able to:

  • Identify points and point patterns on differing shapes, lengths and sizes of bodies.
  • Explain the difference that needle diameter can make. 
  • Demonstrate the most effective positioning of both the patient and also of the practitioner, in order to best needle different points and patterns. 
  • Practice how to palpate the body to ‘feel’ for the acupuncture points, once the location is determined. 
  • Learn how to accurately find the most commonly used points in Tung’s Acupuncture System. 
  • Learn the accurate needling of more than forty different point patterns of Master Tung’s Magic Points. 

Detailed Breakdown of the Complete Series

The complete series is comprised of 6, shorter webinars, each focusing on a particular point series. To help you get a better idea of the exact topics and points covered in each video, Susan has prepared comprehensive Table of Contents for your reference for each part:

Point Location and Needling Guidelines, Finger Points (PDF)

Point Location and Needling Guidelines, Hand/Arm Points (PDF)

Point Location and Needling Guidelines, Sole of the Foot Points (PDF)

Point Location and Needling Guidelines, Foot & Lower Leg Points, Pt. 1 (PDF)

Point Location and Needling Guidelines, Foot & Lower Leg Points, Pt. 2 (PDF)

Point Location and Needling Guidelines, Thigh & Face (PDF)


Once purchased, you will have access to this recorded webinar for 1 year. During this time you MUST view the training and complete any required documents to get your CE Certificate. You must also print and save your certificate during this time. If you are unable to complete this course within 1 year, you will be required to repurchase the course.

Cancellation policy: Please note we do not offer refunds for our recorded online courses/webinars.

Note: This recorded seminar is available in an online format only; you will not receive a DVD or physical copy of the recording – it is only available to watch as a course to watch on the internet through your online account.



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