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Recorded Webinar: A Study of Guan Yuan (Ren4) with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee

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CEUs/PDAs: 1 1/2 (Approved: California, NCCAOM, Florida, IVAS, Standard).

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CEUS/PDAs: 1.5
Approved: California, NCCAOM, Florida, IVAS, Standard

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Course Type: This is a recorded webinar

Notes: There is one set of notes with this course.


Course Overview:

This course will explore the point called Guan Yuan (Ren4).  The goal of this webinar is to study this point in-depth, and understand what symptoms are specific to it.  Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee will examine the Chinese name of this point, using the Chinese characters to reach a deeper understanding of the point's function within the framework of the body, and provide a detailed study from both classical and medical literature.  The meaning of Guan Yuan, its description in the medical classics, presentation and explanation of its therapeutic indications, relationship with other points, and common combinations are explored.

Learning Objectives:

  • The student will study and understand the characters composing the name of the point.
  • The student will learn the meaning of the expression that forms these characters and its classical use, and application in medical texts.
  • The student will be able to describe the profile of the point and its functions.
  • The student will learn the possible functions and clinical patterns for the point.
  • The student will understand how associations with other points may be used in different clinical patterns.

Course Outline:

0-15 min:
-Introduction;  meaning of the name, 'Guan Yuan (Ren4)' and study of the characters composing the name of the point.

15-30 min:  
-Study of the meaning of the expression that forms these characters and of its classical use, and in medical texts.
-Associated pathologies as referred to in Chinese medical text.

30-45 min:
 -Description of which movement of Qi the point will correct in relation to the meridians, and possibly to other meridians.
-Description of the point's profile, and its functions.

45 min-1 hour:  
-Possible functions for the point.
-Clinical patterns for the point.

1 hour – 1.5 hours:  
-Description of the main associations with other points for a number of different clinical patterns.
-Common questions that come up in regards to this point and use

Once purchased, you will have 1 year to complete the CEU requirements. During this time, you must view the training and complete any required documents to get your certificate. You must also print and save your certificate during this time. As of November 2016, you now have unlimited access to the recording for the purpose of reviewing the material for as long as the course is on the EC Learning site.

Cancellation policy: Please note we do not offer refunds for our recorded online courses/webinars.

Note: This recorded seminar is available in an online format only; you will not receive a DVD or physical copy of the recording – it is only available to watch as a course to watch on the internet through your online account.



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