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Recorded Webinar: Point Location Series: The Non-Command Points with Neil Gumenick (All Four Sessions)

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CEUs/PDAs: 4 (Approved: Standard Certificate, NCCAOM, California, Florida).

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Standard Certificate, NCCAOM, California, Florida
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Course Type: This is a recorded webinar series consisting of 4 sessions
This series can be taken as a complete series, or each session can be completed individually.
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Accurate point location is essential for acupuncture treatment to be effective. Regardless of the accuracy of interviewing and rapport skills, diagnostic assessments of the patient’s needs, pulse findings, and selection of points, if we miss the point, we have done no treatment.

These 4 one-hour recorded webinars cover some of the most important and commonly used non-command points on the human body, including points on the REN and DU Channels, upper thoracic, abdominal region, the back, and points around the neck. Among the categories of points covered include Back Shu points, points of Entry and Exit, points on the Inner and Outer Bladder Lines, Kidney chest points, and Windows of the Sky.

Professor Neil Gumenick has been teaching point location to students for over 3 decades and has been in full-time practice since 1981. In this recorded webinar series, he will discuss how to best position the patient, how to identify appropriate physical landmarks, measuring distances, and finally locating, by palpation, the exact point. Power point photos of actual patients and anatomical diagrams will accompany Neil’s precise descriptions.

The four sessions cover the following:

  • Session 1 covers the back, including selected points on the DU channel, inner and outer UB line
  • Session 2 covers the chest and abdomen, including selected points on the REN channel, Kidney, Stomach, and Spleen
  • Session 3 covers points of Entry and Exit
  • Session 4 covers Windows of the Sky points

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Learn to position the patient properly for optimal point location accuracy
  2. Learn to identify relevant physical landmarks needed to locate the points
  3. Learn to accurately measure distances needed to locate the points
  4. Learn to palpate the exact point
  5. Learn to use touch diagnostically, as well as to build trust and rapport

Session Breakdowns:

The following is an example of how each session is broken down in terms of content. Please note that this is just an example of the format of each session, and that each individual session will vary.

Session 1:

  • Introduction: Importance of accurate point location and physical contact with the patient
  • Positioning the patient, locating the necessary anatomical landmarks of the back: finding C7 and T1, the L2 – 3 interspace, the iliac crest, the medial border of the scapula
  • Location of specific points on DU channel, inner and outer UB channel
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Session 2:

  • Locating and measuring the necessary landmarks on the chest and abdomen: sternal notch, acromioclavicular articulation, ribs, nipple line, xiphosternal articulation, tip of xyphoid process, anterior superior iliac spine, pubic bone.
  • Location of specific points on REN channel, Kidney, Stomach, and Spleen
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Session 3:

  • Introduction and importance of Points of Entry and Exit
  • Location of relevant landmarks and measuring of non-command Points of Entry and Exit: HT 1, SI 19, UB 1, KI 22, PC 1 and 2, SJ 22, GB 1, LIV 14, LU 1, LI 20, ST 1, SP 21, REN 1 and 24, DU 1 and 28
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Session 4:

  • Introduction, use and importance of Windows of the Sky
  • Location of relevant landmarks and measuring of SI 16 and 17, UB 10, PC 1 and 2, SJ 16, LU 3, LI 18, ST 9, REN 22, DU 16
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Cancellation, Terms & Conditions

Once purchased, you will have 1 year to complete the CEU requirements. During this time, you must view the training and complete any required documents to get your certificate. You must also print and save your certificate during this time. As of November 2016, you now have unlimited access to the recording for the purpose of reviewing the material for as long as the course is on the EC Learning site.

Cancellation policy: Please note we do not offer refunds for our recorded online courses/webinars. 

*Note: This recorded webinar series is available in an online format only;  you will not receive a DVD or physical copy of the recordings – it is only available to watch as a course to watch on the internet through your online account.

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