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Live Seminar: The Notion of Origin and Jing Shen with Elisabeth Rochat - November 25-26, 2017

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With Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee.
Dates: Saturday, November 25 - Sunday, November 26, 2017
Time: 9:00am - 5:30pm; Lunch: 1 hour + 15 min. morning and afternoon breaks
eLearning locaion icon for small table Location: Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre, 711 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC (View on Map)
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Course Type: This is a Live In-Person Seminar event.
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The Sage Practitioner Lecture Series with Elisabeth Rochat

The beauty of acupuncture and TCM is its power to create change. On a simple level, this change includes helping to reduce pain and restore function in patients. 
But as many experienced practitioners know, there are many layers of change a patient may go through. Any practitioner can create superficial change and relieve pain with a basic knowledge of acupuncture/TCM. But the deeper, more exciting transformational changes that patients with more difficult conditions will be needing can only be facilitated by practitioners with a profound understanding of Nature, Yin, Yang, Qi, Shen, Jing, and the Tao.

Therein lays the challenge for all practitioners. Translations of ancient texts are fraught with many inconsistencies. Having the opportunity to learn from a scholar of sinology who is able to deconstruct the contextual nuances will take the fog out of our understanding. The goal of practitioner self-cultivation is for the practitioner to become a clear channel of Qi transmission between Nature and her/himself. Taking time to study, deepen and practice the self-cultivation techniques necessary to become this clear channel differentiates those that are entry-level practitioners and those that are Master level practitioners.
This Masters series is a set of weekend lectures offered by Elizabeth Rochat that takes practitioners in a detailed manner through the foundational principles that are key to deep transformation, healing, and ongoing vitality.
Elisabeth’s experience with study groups all over the world has shown that when a genuine exploration of traditional Chinese texts is constantly rooted in clinical practice and confronted with personal experience, it allows the practitioner to develop his or her art, invigorate his or her thought and raise his or her vision and conduct.

It allows us to link all the signs and symptoms presented by the patient, to unify those of the mind and those of the body, to place the patient in their own life as depending of their progenitors but also connected with the origin of all life.

A foggy lens transmits some light, but a clear lens focuses light to a brilliant beam. Join us on these weekend adventures with one of the world’s most acclaimed TCM scholars, clear your inner fog and manifest the Master healer that is inherent in you.

Day 1: The Notion of Origin | November 25, 2017

In “The Notion of Origin” from Chinese Classics, Elisabeth Rochat will provide practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts that form the foundations of the Chinese Medicine paradigm. This includes the understanding of the continuums of “Source”, Dualism and Plurality, which all together illustrate and manifest as the “One” or the Tao.
For example, if we take a look at opposites - Heaven and Earth, yin and yang - etc., the very movement they differentiate is the very movement by which they relate. There is no difference between differentiations and relations! That is what allows everything to be and to become. If we impose a difference between differentiation and relation, we invent a separation which leads us to a kind of abstraction which leads us to think of a Heaven without an Earth or an Earth without a Heaven - but this manner of thinking is not a reality. Unfortunately, however, it is the dominant way many of us think. Various cultures have built their own interpretations and abstractions to understand these differentiations, which may be very useful at certain level. But if we forget that these are abstractions are not a reality, we lose access to a very important way of understanding ourselves and hence are limited in helping our patients.

In this one-day workshop, Elisabeth presents and reviews the notion of origin of the world from principles of Chinese cosmology, exploring the notion of macrocosm, in relation to the human microcosm. This lecture will illustrate that the principles of “Origin” from the Chinese cosmological point of view are not only a way to understand the beginning of the world around us, but also leads us to a deeper understanding of the origin of a specific living being. We will learn the ancient Daoist principles that reveal it is the Dao that is behind the origin of any emerging phenomenon and embedded in the Dao is the concept of De (potency) which allows the Dao to nourish all things.
Throughout this presentation, Elisabeth Rochat refers to Chinese Classical and Medical texts written more or less between the 5th and 1st century BCE and 1st to 2nd CE. Handouts with all the texts quoted will be available so that participants can follow the lecture easily.

Day 1 Course Outline

1  Origin and beginning. The couple as the possibility to start the process of life: yin yang, Heaven and Earth, male and female, etc.

2  Water as associated with origin, original yin, essence.

3  Fire as associated with origin, original yang, qi.

4  Before the couple: the primordial Chaos, the original qi as infinite and indefinite potentiality, the Dao and its potency (de); production and transformation

5 Cosmogenesis: from the One to the multiple, from the imperceptible and formless to the perceptible and the specific forms of life. The intrinsic regulation of life.

6  The origin of a human life at the likeness of the origin and evolving of the universe. The role of the kidneys, of the Triple heater, of the extra meridians.

7  The human being as originating in parents and in Heaven. Conclusion. Questions and answers.

Day 2: Jing Shen (Vital Spirit) | November 26, 2017

Shen Happens! Knowing that makes all the difference!

Join us for a day of exploring all aspects of Shen. The Chinese traditional vision of what we call in the West "souls and spirits", is expounded in the classics and pervades the essential medical texts. The concept of souls and spirits may be dramatically different in each culture, but they all attempt in their way to tackle the mystery of Life, the reality of death, and how one should conduct her/himself in order to live a long and prosperous life.

This one-day lecture focuses on the shen (spirits), jing shen (vital spirits) and shen ming (spiritual brightness) inside a human being as presented in classical and medical Chinese texts.

The old Taoist saying states: S/he who knows others is wise - S/he who knows themselves is enlightened. Understanding Shen is the only way we can know our essential self. Join us for the one-day plunge into the ocean of Shen.

Day 2 Course Outline

Spirit (shen) - Vital spirit (jingshen) - Spiritual brightness (shenming)

1   General introduction. The character shen for spirit and its basic meanings. Link with the ancestors and worship of the ancestor.

2  The spirits of Heaven and the Spiritual brightness (shenming), as the perfect manifestation of the natural order in any form of life.

3  The spirit as heaven in a human, the potentiality to develop the whole potency contained in their true nature. The spirits in a human body and the vital spirit as the inner realization of a human (more or less successful).

4   Different levels of the use of the concept of shen, spirit, in classical medical texts, at a cosmic and personal level. The relationship with the Heart-mind and the concept of person. The spiritual brightness of a human being.

5   The relationship with blood, with blood and qi, with consciousness in the mind, in the brain and in the body.

6  The relation with the qi, with the manifestation of qi in the correct qi, in the nutrition and defense, in the eyes, in the speech, etc.

7  How to understand deficiency and excess of the spirit. The expression of the spiritual potency on five, according to the five zang and five elements (phases). General conclusion.

Cancellation Policy:

  • $50 fee for cancellations up to 30 days before the course start date.
  • 50% refund on course fees up to two weeks prior to course start date.
  • No refund on course fees within two weeks of course start date.

Eastern Currents reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. We suggest that you register as early as possible to improve the likelihood of courses proceeding as planned. If Eastern Currents is forced to cancel an event, a full refund of course tuition only will be granted to those already registered.


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