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Live Seminar: The Flight of the Phoenix / Nature and Destiny of a Human Being According to the Chinese Classics with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee - November 23, 2018

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In-Depth Afternoon Workshop with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee.

Dates: Friday, November 23, 2018
Time: 2:00pm - 5:15pm; (includes 15 min break)
eLearning locaion icon for small table Location: Eastern Currents
9109 Shaughnessy Street
Vancouver, BC

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Standard Certificate, California (CAB), IVAS, NCCAOM
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Course Type: This is a live in-person seminar event. Registrants will receive a set of notes.

Course Overview:

Part One: The Flight of the Phoenix; The Vision of an Early Daoist Philosopher, Zhuangzi (1.5 hours)

THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX - Daoism and Chinese Medicine

The Flight of the Phoenix:  A presentation of the fundamental vision and meaning of human life from the great Taoist thinker, Zhuangzi. The story of the giant fish becoming the fantastic bird Peng will be explored and echoes the text’s fundamental theme: Humanity’s true nature and destiny.
The question is nothing less than the meaning of human life. Do we believe that our destiny is to live a limited life, from our birth until our death? Or, do we think that a human, by nature, can participate with limitless possibilities? Can we realistically pretend a human has the capacity to become a companion of Heaven in an everlasting free and flowing state?
The text opens up our knowledge of the ancient Daoist vision as well as it enriches our understanding of one of the most important backgrounds for Chinese medicine. It is, as well, exemplary of Zhuangzi’s style, beauty, and power of expression; furthermore, it is typical of his mythical stories, anecdotes, and colourful dialogues, which reveal in increments, the secrets of their true meaning. An English translation of the text will also be provided to the participants.

Part Two: Nature (xing) and Destiny (ming) of a Human Being, According to the Chinese Classics (Medical and Non-Medical) (1.5 hours)

In light of the basic understanding of the great texts of Chinese philosophy, we will consider how these two fundamental concepts are used in Chinese medicine: Nature and Destiny. They are both related to the Heavenly endowment. 

Health cannot be understood without a reference to one’s original or true nature; inborn dispositions give anyone their robustness and their fragility which have to be known by the patient to appropriately conduct their life and by the practitioner in order to establish an accurate diagnosis and apply an applicable treatment. 
The particular inherent qualities of a being shape their destiny and create the calling felt inside by every human.
One who remains true to their original nature maintains their relationship with Heaven, receiving the light of the spirits, and knowing, in all circumstances, the rules by which to act. They, therefore, accomplish the life that Heaven has destined for them since its beginning, unfolding as a function of the natural order inscribed within them. In other words, they implement the Prior Heaven in the Post Heaven.
We will then elucidate the true meaning of Mingmen, Gate of Fate (or Destiny), in Chinese Medicine, its relationship with the origin, with the yin as well as the yang, the water as well as the fire, and with the kidneys.
Huang Di asked Qi Bo: A person’s blood and qi, essence and spirit, it is with them that life is provided and one’s nature (xing) and existence (ming) are upheld. 
(Lingshu, ch.47, translation by P. Unschuld)


Learning Goals & Objectives:

  • To deepen the knowledge of the cultural framework of classical Chinese Medicine
  • To get reliable information on classical Chinese fundamental concepts
  • To deepen the comprehension of key medical concepts such as Mingmen
  • To understand the meaning of true or original nature of a human and the importance in diagnosis and treatment. 

Cancellation Policy:

  • $50 fee for cancellations up to 30 days before the course start date.
  • 50% refund on course fees up to two weeks prior to course start date.
  • No refund on course fees within two weeks of course start date.

Eastern Currents reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. We suggest that you register as early as possible to improve the likelihood of courses proceeding as planned. If Eastern Currents is forced to cancel an event, a full refund of course tuition only will be granted to those already registered.


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