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Eastern Currents unveils revolutionary new guide tube system

by John Stan | Nov 02, 2009
We are pleased to introduce new TeWa needles featuring the innovative Safe-T Sleeve

New TeWa Coated Needles in stock now!

High quality TeWa (pronounced 'Tay-vah') brand needles are bi-metallic, composed of a stainless steel shaft and a traditional copper-wound loop handle.

All TeWa needles 40mm (1.5") or longer feature a revolutionary new needle delivery system: The Safe-T-Sleeve.
The Safe-T Sleeve ensures 100% adherence to clean needle protocols while maximizing patient comfort.  Each acupuncture needle comes in its own unique two-part tube that allows for the insertion of longer needles with ease.

With 20 years of practice behind him, Dr. John Stan, owner and President of Eastern Currents, has created this innovative tube system to solve the problems that arise when inserting needles into dense and tight tissue.  Dr. Stan approached Asiamed, known for their ability to engineer high quality acupuncture needles, to help him manufacture the product.

Comprised of a short guide sleeve fitted to the exterior of the longer insertion tube, it allows the practitioner to insert the needle into the dermis, then remove the inner insertion tube and utilize the guide sleeve that remains in place to complete insertion to the correct depth - all without compromising the sterility of the needle shaft.

This system is also ideal for Motor Point needling and Intra-Muscular Stimulation techniques.  The outer guide sleeve can be used to replace metal needle injectors, thereby eliminating needle-injector sterilization concerns.

The Safe-T Sleeve is an elegant solution to dense tissue insertion, threading and IMS needling and is available exclusively on the newly introduced to North America TeWa Brand Needles.

For more information, including a slideshow on using the new TeWa Needles with Safe-T Sleeve technology, please click here.


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