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Eastern Currents Donates Needles to Free Acupuncture Clinic, Calgary, AB

by John Stan | Mar 04, 2013
From time to time, Eastern Currents will support worthy causes by donating acupuncture needles and herbs as supplies are available.*

Dr.  Aparna Taylor, MSc, ND successfully launched a free acupuncture clinic in Calgary, AB, benefiting those in the community who would not otherwise be able to access these services due to financial limitations. “The seed for a free Calgary clinic offering acupuncture services was planted in my mind while studying to become an ND in Toronto, and having the privilege of working at several satellite clinics including Sherbourne Health Centre,” Dr. Taylor explained.  The clinic offers support for the homeless, unsafely housed, members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) communities, and those who have HIV/AIDS.

Upon returning to Calgary, after completing her studies in Toronto, Dr. Taylor connected with the AIDS Calgary Awareness Association and pitched the idea of offering these services. The volunteer coordinators at AIDS Calgary opened up their hearts and office space to provide the location for these free services.  Individuals who are part of the SHIFT program, a program that supports adults currently or formerly working in the sex industry, also began to access services.

The clinic, which offers free acupuncture services, has been hugely successful in providing support in a way many of these individuals would not have been able to access otherwise. Since its inception other services have been added, including massage and yoga, and Dr. Taylor has encouraged other ND’s to volunteer their time to expand the hours these services were available.

“When I wrote to Eastern Currents asking for a donation, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a large enough donation of needles to provide these services over 2 years,” explained Dr. Taylor.  “Acupuncture services have been well utilized by a wide population of individuals and it is with deepest gratitude to Eastern Currents for their continued donations, allowing this vision to become a reality here in Calgary.”

*While we are happy to consider supporting a number of charitible projects, we are limited by the availability of product throughout the year. As a result, we may not be able to accommodate all requests. If you have a charitible cause that would like to be considered, please email a letter of inquiry to

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