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A Cultural Shift Towards Sustainable Anti-aging Driven by TCM

by John Stan | Apr 04, 2013
-This is a guest post authored by Qi beauty-

There is a growing understanding amongst women, that non-invasive, holistic approaches to preventative medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), are an effective approach to combat the signs of aging, and improving overall health.

Qi beauty

Spending on non-surgical beauty and anti-aging treatments has more than doubled from an estimated $300 million in 2008, to $644.7 million in 2012 (2012 Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, CPSA). The primary spenders in this category are baby-boomers, whose concern with aging, health, and well-being is top of mind as they approach their golden years. Right behind the baby-boomers is a generation of health-aware women who understand the importance of healthy aging. These women are taking active, preventative steps earlier on in life to slow down the aging process and are actively seeking holistic alternatives to invasive cosmetic treatments. 

Between 2011 and 2012, the public interest in skincare grew 31% in mainstream markets.  Research shows that women are interested in knowing more about skincare, cosmetic procedures, and how treatments affect health and lifestyle. Women now believe that products and treatments that protect against environmental and free radical damage are the most effective solution to aging skin. They are also less likely to commit to an anti-aging plan that includes damage to skin, extended recovery time, ongoing injections, and maintenance of painful procedures.

New technologies and less invasive treatments are encouraging more women to take steps to enhance their beauty, as noted by CPSA President, Dr. Gabrielle Caswell; with an increase in women seeking alternative medicine for beauty and anti-aging, TCM practitioners can position themselves at the forefront of this paradigm shift.

In TCM, practitioners believe that wrinkles, complexion, skin tone, and elasticity often reflect an imbalance in the internal organs of the body, or the emotions. Understanding the body as a whole, practitioners may observe the signs of aging on the face as an indication of illness in the body. To reflect this, practitioners can use their knowledge to heal the body, and in effect, improve beauty. But what if TCM practitioners harness this knowledge, and take this strategy one step further? This may mean creating a way to maintain connection to patients after the body has healed, or more importantly, using TCM practices for health and beauty to attract new patients or clients who are in pursuit of holistic, non-invasive, anti-aging treatments.

In the future, the tools for delivering the most sought after treatments will be dermal rollers, green jade blades, acupuncture needles, and gauss specific micro-magnets – replacing syringes, scalpels, Fraxel machines, and synthetic dermal fillers.  Market predictions in Europe foresee a new breed of clinic with natural medicine practitioners, featuring treatments for anti-aging that align with health, vitality, and overall well-being as the future leaders of the industry.

In this new era of digital information, women are seeking out, and learning more about skin integrity, foods for skin, vitamin supplements for skin health and non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as Qi beauty and Cosmetic Acupuncture. As women recognize the short-term gain from invasive or surgical procedures, they also realize the correlation between the signs of aging and health indicators; this is leading women to seek a more sustainable and natural option.

A practitioner of TCM has the rare advantage of combination treatments to offer unparalleled holistic anti-aging and beauty treatments directly linked to health and well-being. TCM practitioners are armed with the philosophy and the skills to step into a market that is only now emerging, as the future in skin care and age control.

Qi beauty International is an Australian company that spent nine years in clinical trials to develop anti-aging treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy. Their specialty gold magnet facial techniques provide instant and visible results.

By activating Qi around the face using Qi beauty's clinically tested acu-points, not only is skin repaired, but volume is restored to lift and define the entire face - much like a cosmetic facelift treatment. For more information on becoming a Qi beauty practitioner, please click here.


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