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Growing Older, But Looking Younger With Qi beauty

by John Stan | May 03, 2013

Eastern Currents hosted our second Qi beauty Training in Vancouver on the April 27th weekend! Twenty-one excited practitioners were trained to create static magnetic fields on the face, designed to bring volume, reduce wrinkles, and reduce pigmentation. Dramatic changes were seen within twenty minutes of applying the field.

This exciting new therapy aligns the ionic structure of the skin, thereby allowing the nutrients to rise through the dermal layers allowing for visible changes within a short time of applying the magnets. Kathy Pedersen, developer of the Qi beauty System, explains that magnets stimulate the skin cells to behave like a younger version of themselves, and therefore, as you age you grow older, but feel and look younger. She described during her training that the Qi beauty System is a natural way to encourage continuous healthy age control, get visible results to the texture, volume, and complexion of the skin in one treatment.  Although these may seem like very high goals to aim for in just one treatment, practitioners were excited to see that in fact during their training sessions, these results did indeed occur.

Kathy and her assistant trainer made sure that by the end of the weekend each practitioner was sufficiently confident to apply this treatment the very next day. In fact one of the attendees, went home the first night and applied her first treatment on a patient during the evening, and came back to the workshop the next day and was completely excited with the results she had with her first treatment!

Stay tuned for more trainings planned for 2014 as this exciting, non-invasive therapy brings an entirely new group of patients into the clinic looking for healthy aging.


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