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The Magnificent Eight Extraordinary Meridians

by John Stan | May 03, 2013

The following is a guest post by teacher and seminar instructor David Twicken.

The Eight Extra-Ordinary Meridians have a special relationship with the three treasures: body, mind and spirit (Jing, Qi and Shen). These treasures are a unique insight into the indigenous Chinese philosophers, alchemists and medical practitioners.  Among all the channels in the body, the eight extraordinary channels have the strongest influence on Jing, essence and source Qi. They also have a direct connection to the original spirit or Yuan Shen.

In my practice of Acupuncture, I work with people to assist in releasing them from emotional patterns, imprints, and chronic behaviors that pulls them away from living from their spirit. This releasing creates the space for realization of their spiritual nature. It can be a life changing realization and experience, and this experience flows into their daily life. They enjoy their simple and ordinary interactions with a zest and passion: They are living in the Tao. This is spirit consciousness, and is the key to understanding and transforming psycho-emotional and spiritual blocks and issues. Over my years of working with these channels, I have developed a framework that allows me to do an eight extraordinary diagnosis, and use these channels immediately in the clinic for effective, lasting changes in my patients. I look forward to sharing these methods with you.

Following Taoist traditions that extend over two thousand years, I have practiced and taught a specific inner meditation (nei dan) called the “microcosmic orbit”, which leads to a profound understanding of these core, constitutional channels. Not only does the practice of the microcosmic orbit meditation give deep insights about the Eight Extraordinary channels, they also help increase vitality, health and self-awareness. The classics describe this as the process of transforming Jing to Shen.

I will be coming to Vancouver on May 24th to lead a workshop specific to this very exciting and fundamentally important topic. I hope this article inspires you to join me on this exciting training.

If you would like to learn more about the Eight Extraordinary Channels, be sure to sign up for David Twicken's upcoming seminar in Vancouver, BC.

Eight Extraordinary Channels with David Twicken
May 25 - 26, 2013
Hilton Vancouver Airport Hotel,
5911 Minoru Blvd. Richmond, BC  
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