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Combining Body Points with Auricular Points in Acupuncture Treatments

by John Stan | May 06, 2013
This is a guest post by Dr. Tom Corbin. Learn more about Dr. Corbin and his upcoming seminar by clicking here.

Over the last 22 years of practice I've benefitted from the training of some of the most highly regarded auricular acupuncturists/therapists in the world. Throughout this time, because of my position as both a clinician and teacher, I've experimented with a Hybrid System that was contrary to the training I'd received. Most auricular therapists specialize in the ear, and although they may include herbs, bach flowers or homeopathic substances, in their treatments, they generally feel that doing auricular points will suffice. In some cases, I've found this to be correct, but because many of the patients I, and many of you, see are complicated, I believe combining both body and ear points to be a more effective treatment. This "hybrid therapy" allows you to work on different aspects of a patient's pathology, and in the case of addictions, it may allow you to touch on individual spiritual factors in addition to the physical aspects of a person's addiction. Now, being a NADA trainer I'll never forget our head Dr. Michael Smith saying that if an addict has back pain, treat the addiction first. I've learned over the years that one can do both by making use of this "hybrid system" of body and ear.

I'm excited at the prospect of developing this training, which was initiated and based on my years of working as an acupuncturist in a Veterans Administration Chronic Pain Program, as well as a developer of acupuncture components in HIV programs, Substance Abuse clinics, and also as a trainer for both the National Acupuncture Detox Association, and the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute. My last vist to Vancouver was as an associate instructor in a course featuring my auricular instructor Dr. Beate Strittmatter, who I've studied under since 1999. I was the first North American to invite Dr. Strittmatter, and other trainers from the German organization, to teach in the USA in 2000. Dr. Strittmatter was responsible for many of the neurological point localizations I use in treating my chronic pain patients. Without her expert advice, and that of others, I'm not sure I'd get the outcomes I currently do. Actually, it was the German definition of "foci" that lead me on my exploration of a hybrid system specifically for patients with neurological deficits, scars, or saturated with Electro Magnetic frequencies making it difficult to use conventional therapies. Over the years, I've been able to further develop and add some of the wonderful therapeutic systems I've studied into this combination therapy. 

I believe for body acupuncturists, this seminar will offer clarity on how to use auricular points to increase patient outcomes, as well as learning a set of points that have proven their worth in treatment outcomes. Ear seeds not only lengthen positive treatment outcomes, but they also help a patient to understand their problem and become more proactive in their own healthcare. From Auriculotherapists to Auricular Medicine Practitioners, it's a chance to get back to your roots. At times, especially in neurological cases, the body points must take the lead. It is only through using bodypoints that one can localize auricular locations for peripheral neuropathy, and the body initiates the diagnostic validity that ear points allows us to gain.

Thank you,

Tom Corbin

To learn more about Dr. Tom Corbin's upcoming live seminar, please click here.

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