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Restoring Balance to the Wood Element (Gall Bladder Points)

by John Stan | Aug 14, 2013

This article is brought to you by Professor Neil R. Gumenick. Learn more about Neil Gumenick here.

While preparing for an upcoming presentation on the Spirits of the Points, I have come upon several points that I wish to share with you that may be of tremendous benefit to your patients, particularly those whom you have diagnosed with a primary imbalance in the Wood Element, specifically the Gall Bladder.

Gall Bladder 39 Hanging Cup

A cup is a vessel that contains fluid - in this case energy. Thus, this point collects and holds reserves for use by the Wood Officials for the benefit of all Officials. As a "hanging" cup, there is implied flexibility and the ability to adapt to whatever is presented. Wood must be flexible lest it become stubborn, rigid, and bossy, attached to perhaps, only one point of view. This Cup can receive input and energy from any direction and source, see and evaluate it with clarity, and make an appropriate decision based upon the reality of the situation rather than a preconceived, fixed idea. A healthy Wood element is able to come up with contingencies.

As a Meeting Point of the Gall Bladder, Stomach, and Urinary Bladder, this point can collect and store energy and reserves for all three of those predominantly yang meridians. In choosing this point to treat the three, it must first be determined, by pulse diagnosis, that the three are in the same relative state of need.

Gall Bladder 41 Foot Above Tears, Wood, Horary, Exit point

As with all Horary points, this point clears away old, dead debris to make way for new beginnings. In the case of Wood, it is akin to pruning away dead branches and heavy brush that impede new growth of the plant. Similarly, within the Wood imbalanced patient, there may be old frustrations, memories of endless "shoulds" and "should nots," fears, resentments, sadness, and bottled-up tears from the past retained such that new growth - a step forward - seems impossible. As the Wood point, GB 41 brings an especially strong and forceful burst of energy and a blessed relief, as the perceived shackles of blocked growth are broken, blasted through, transcended, and finally released. The taste of newfound freedom is sweet, indeed.

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