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Protectival - New Options in Managing Cancer Care

by John Stan | Nov 05, 2013

I was honored to have the opportunity last month to spend some time with Dr. Yair Maimon, lead researcher on the formula “Protectival”.  As we mentioned in our previous article, Protectival is a compound made of 14 botanicals that have anti-cancer and immune modulating effects.

Dr. Maimon was here in Vancouver to present some of his current research at the International Conference of the Society of Integrative Oncology. We capitalized on his time here in Vancouver by doing two one-hour lectures on Acupuncture, TCM, Complexity and Oncology. Of course, while we only scratched the surface on these topics, the information that Dr. Maimon was able to share is highly important for those of us in the front lines of health care.

One of the interesting bits of information that Dr. Maimon presented was the seeming “intelligence” of the complex botanical products in the formula Protectival. His research demonstrated that the ingredients selectively targeted neoplastic growth while at the same time protected healthy cells. Additionally, the botanical compounds he researched demonstrated immune modulating effects, and were useful for both situations of an over-acting or under-acting immune system. Dr. Maimon reflected that this “intelligence” of the herbs was mostly due to the fact that the botanicals in the formula were concentrated in such a way that the full spectrum of bio-active compounds for each ingredient was available. This diversity of active compounds he surmised, allowed for all the “right” effects to occur. He stressed that it is important to resist the urge to find the most active molecule in herb, but focus more on researching how the complexity of bioactive compounds can be used to support the ability of the body to restore homeostasis.

Before heading home to Israel, Dr. Maimon promised to share with me a table listing with each of the ingredients in the Protectival formula, the active compounds and the research associated with each. True to his word, just a few days of saying our farewells he emailed me this informative table which can be viewed by clicking here

The information Dr. Maimon presented was so valuable, that we have decided to share with you the recordings of his two hour-long presentations. If you did not have a chance to participate during the live streaming presentations (or maybe you'd like to watch the presentations again) you may watch both videos for free here.

UPDATE: As of 2016, Protectival is currently unavailable in Canada. To order, or for more information, please contact Lifebiotic directly.


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