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Physician prescribed learning... A powerful intervention that lasts a lifetime!

by John Stan | Mar 03, 2016

All integrative health care practitioners, no matter which paradigm they operate from, bring a philosophy of health and a set of self cultivation skills to offer their patients. Teaching these philosophies and skill sets can provide the patient opportunities for substantial lasting health changes. The problem most practitioners have, is having enough time. Teaching takes time and time in the clinic is valuable.

Depending on a clinic’s set up, "in person" contact moments practitioners have with patients can vary anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes. These 10 to 50 minutes are precious moments and often, taking the time to teach about healthful philosophies or healthy lifestyles becomes an extra burden. Practitioners will often try and squeeze this information in during the sessions, provide handouts, and sometimes recommend other resources. Until now, an easy resource platform for these materials has not been available.  

There are also circumstances where the topic may not be the most comfortable for a practitioner to address with the patient in detail. In these cases, alternative options for self-guided learning on the topic would be most useful.

For these reasons is excited to now offer a new, low cost service called Prescription Learning. This practitioner prescribed learning platform will carry an ever growing list of affordable, valuable teaching materials for patients to learn during their course of treatments.

Practitioners now have the opportunity to engage patients in a process of self-guided learning in between treatment sessions. For example, if a patient is reflecting stress due to relationships, you, as the practitioner can suggest that the tensions in their relationships are often due to energetic pulls and pushes that are part of a person’s health journey. You can then recommend one of our first Prescription Learning courses section called “Love Romance and Healing a Chinese Medicine Perspective”. This one-hour talk teaches patients how their relationship challenges are part of their journey towards personal wholeness. It engages patients to re-examine their relationship dynamic from a TCM health philosophy point of view, so that new insights may arise, allowing for tensions to be reduced.

In your next session, you would then be able to check with your patients on the material they have reviewed, answer any questions they might have, and continue to point them towards learning that will empower them to participate in their journey of wellness with you.

Currently our Prescription Learning platform has two learning videos for patients and more are on their way. Learning resources or practitioner level videos are also available for practitioners to learn more about a specific topic and learn when to recommend self-learning courses to their patients.

Practitioners, feel free to take the courses yourself as having viewed the material will help you guide your patients to a deeper understanding of the material. We offer our prescription learning courses as professional-level courses with CEUs as well.

Prescribed, self-guided learning will create an increasing bond between you and your patients and deepen the relationship. By offering education as part of your treatment process, patients will not only see you as a practitioner that is just there to resolve their immediate symptoms, but also as a health optimizer and life coach that cares for their long-term health. 

As we build this site out, we invite your comments and feedback. We welcome suggestions for courses and material that you often see or wish are available for your patients self-learning.  We look forward to growing this site and providing practitioners with this new service.

Prescribe the knowledge your patients need to take their health to the next level now.

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