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  • Restoring Balance to the Wood Element (Gall Bladder Points)

    by John Stan | Aug 14, 2013
    While preparing for an upcoming presentation on the Spirits of the Points, I have come upon several points that I wish to share with you that may be of tremendous benefit to your patients, particularly those whom you have diagnosed with a primary imbalance in the Wood Element, specifically the Gall Bladder.
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  • Combining Body Points with Auricular Points in Acupuncture Treatments

    by John Stan | May 06, 2013
    Learn how combining ear and body points, into a "hybrid" therapy, allows you to accelerate pain relief and resolution of pathologies.
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  • Growing Older, But Looking Younger With Qi beauty

    by John Stan | May 03, 2013
    Eastern Currents hosted our second Qi beauty Training in Vancouver on the April 27th weekend! Twenty-one excited practitioners were trained to create static magnetic fields on the face, designed to bring volume, reduce wrinkles, and reduce pigmentation. Dramatic changes were seen within twenty minutes of applying the field.
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  • The Magnificent Eight Extraordinary Meridians

    by John Stan | May 03, 2013
    The Eight Extra-Ordinary Meridians have a special relationship with the three treasures: body, mind and spirit (Jing, Qi and Shen). These treasures are a unique insight into the indigenous Chinese philosophers, alchemists and medical practitioners.
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  • A Cultural Shift Towards Sustainable Anti-aging Driven by TCM

    by John Stan | Apr 04, 2013
    There is a growing understanding amongst women, that non-invasive, holistic approaches to preventative medicine, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), are an effective approach to combat the signs of aging, and improving overall health.
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  • Announcing: New Bulletin Board for Practitioners to Connect!

    by John Stan | Mar 04, 2013
    Selling a practice, looking for a locum and wanting to find a Clinic Associate are common needs for all practitioners running a clinic. At long last we are happy to announce that we have built into our website a page called “Bulletin Board for Clinics”, found in the Practitioner resources section, where practitioners can post notices and advertise their specific needs.
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  • Eastern Currents Donates Needles to Free Acupuncture Clinic, Calgary, AB

    by John Stan | Mar 04, 2013
    Dr. Aparna Taylor, MSc, ND successfully launched a free acupuncture clinic in Calgary, AB, benefiting those in the community who would not otherwise be able to access these services due to financial limitations.
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  • Happy Year of the Water Snake: 2013 - A Reading by Lillian Bridges

    by John Stan | Feb 04, 2013
    February 10, 2013 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Yin Water Snake or Black Snake. The snake is fundamentally a fire creature, so this year the elements of fire and water are in opposition with water sitting on top of fire. In the destructive Five Element cycle, water puts out fire, but the fire element is ultimately stronger this year, which should create some interesting energies.
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  • Customer Update: TCM Prepared Herb formulas, TCM Herbal Granules and Health Canada

    by John Stan | Mar 05, 2011
    Since the implementation of the Natural Health Product Regulations in 2004, Eastern Currents has been working with Health Canada to comply with the new requirements for importers and distributors of Natural Health Products (NHPs)...
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  • Debra Holman awarded 2011 Doris Sweetnam Scholarship

    by User Not Found | Mar 04, 2011
    Debra was awarded free admission to COMS 2011 (a $295 value), as well as a scholarship totalling $2,000.00 courtesy of Eastern Currents, Carbo Trading, and the Sweetnam Family. Click through to read her winning submission.
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