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  • Needle vs Magnet in Anti Aging, Wrinkle Reduction treatments.

    by John Stan | May 09, 2016
    With the ever growing demand for natural anti aging solutions, women have been exploring new ways to stimulate skin vitality and wrinkle reduction. Over the last ten years acupuncture has emerged as one of the leading choices for women. Practitioners have stepped up to meet this demand by taking courses on the various needling protocols that have evolved to work both at the cosmetic and constitutional level. One obstacle with needling however is that many patients are unwilling to try the process due to fear of needles. In addition to the fact that a practitioner's patient population is restricted to those willing to be needled, cosmetic acupuncture requires multiple treatments for results to be significant. A final challenge with needling is the constant underlying risk of bruising, which is never a pleasant situation for practitioners to deal with when it happens.
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  • Planting Seeds ... Ear Seeds ...for a Change in Health!

    by John Stan | Mar 02, 2016
    As practitioners, we want to do it all, but sometimes we just can’t. We often see patients in our clinics with multiple problems, patterns and health goals. We triage the complexity of symptoms with the patient to choose our first interventions. The patient may want to have their neck pain dealt with as a primary goal, but at the same time, may also want to lose weight, stop smoking, sleep better or have some relief from menopausal symptoms.
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  • Treating Cough with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

    by John Stan | Jan 05, 2016
    The lung is known as the “delicate organ.” It is extremely sensitive to the external environment and pernicious climatic influences. The lung is especially affected by wind, but also can be damaged by cold, heat, dry, and damp (in excess). External pathogenic influences invade the body, damaging wei qi and may inhibit the lung’s dispersing function, resulting in cough...
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  • Choose B for BOOST!

    by John Stan | Jan 05, 2016
    Since the introduction of the Pranin Organics PureFood supplements here at Eastern Currents, I have been introducing all or a combination of the products to patients. My goal was to see what the additional value in quality of life these whole food supplements would bring to my patients. To no surprise...
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  • Worry, Anxiety, Regret - W.A.R. - What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!

    by John Stan | Nov 20, 2015
    If you are a practitioner, click here to read the more in-depth version. War is never good. The untold cost of war in terms of pain, suffering and loss can never be tallied. While external wars have occurred from the beginning of time, all over the planet there are quiet battles being fought and these stories largely are left untold. These are the internal struggles and challenges we as humans deal with on an emotional level as we cope with day to day life.
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  • NASOBIH and Anti-Aging

    by John Stan | Mar 05, 2014
    The aging process effects how our body and mind function, and how we look and feel. Our body organs begin to lose their effectiveness by 1% each year starting in our early 30s. This includes our skin which is the largest organ of our body. Other systems such as our hormones also undergo change as we age.
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  • Using Acutonics for Stress Reduction & Self Care

    by User Not Found | Dec 21, 2013
    This article was written by Ellen Franklin, MA (ABD) - The Acutonics® methodology for the therapeutic use and application of tuning forks is a unique, energy-based approach to wellness that is rooted in Oriental medicine, Taoist philosophy, and depth psychology. This accessible non-invasive modality provides an adjunct therapy that can be easily integrated into the practice of Oriental medicine, massage and bodywork, and many other health care disciplines.
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  • Introducing NASOBIH Skin Care System

    by User Not Found | Dec 20, 2013
    Article written by Kelly Kitchen - At Eastern Currents, we strive to stay abreast of new quality products in the market that will assist you, the practitioner, in providing quality care to your patients. So when we met the developers of a line of skin care called NASOBIH (Naturally Accelerated System for Outer Beauty and Inner Health) we were excited, and here's why.
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  • Protectival - New Options in Managing Cancer Care

    by John Stan | Nov 05, 2013
    I was honored to have the opportunity last month to spend some time with Dr. Yair Maimon, lead researcher on the formula “Protectival”. As we mentioned in our previous article, Protectival is a compound made of 14 botanicals that have anti-cancer and immune modulating effects.
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  • Make Homemade Yogurt with Plantbiotics

    by User Not Found | Aug 30, 2013
    Plantbiotic probiotics can do more than just keep your gut flora healthy and thriving. We discovered how with a few simple steps, some time and some milk, Plantbiotic probiotics can be used to make delicious and nutritious yogurt!
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