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Introducing Kardovite - A Unique Herbal Supplement for Your Patients' Heart Health

by John Stan | Jan 07, 2013
Kardovite Logo - A Tonic For LifeEastern Currents has joined forces with Nutrition Plus Products - a well-known supplement manufacturer - to supply our customers with a newly licensed natural product called Kardovite.

Kardovite is an excellent Heart Tonic containing a potent combination of six traditional western herbs. Each ingredient brings elements, which make it unique and desirable; and together they are commonly known to improve cardiac output and peripheral circulation.  Ingredients that benefit the heart and circulation directly include Hawthorn, Garlic, and Cayenne. Milk Thistle is included to promote liver function, under the premise that a healthy liver supports a healthy circulatory system. There is also a bit of Valerian to relax the nervous system. Bilberry is included for its anti-inflammatory effects and for its Anthocyanosides that strengthen the capillaries.

Natural health care practitioners know that the human body has built-in auto-regulatory processes that allow it to thrive; however, crucial elements need to be in place for these auto-regulatory processes to function as nature intended. The delivery of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, along with the elimination of waste, is the critical job accomplished by the heart and circulatory system. In order for any repair or positive change to occur in the body, the delivery and waste removal process must be operating at a superior level.

It is no wonder then that in TCM, the heart is considered the Supreme or Emperor organ. While every organ has a vital role, each depends on the function of the heart and circulatory system in order to perform its functions. Whether organs are functioning at prime, or sub-prime levels, depends on organ perfusion of O2. Studies have shown that the ingredients in Kardovite aid in making the heart a more efficient pump and in enhancing the flow through capillary beds.

At Eastern Currents, we feel that this product offers a unique opportunity to support patients’ well-being, in multiple ways, with this nutritional supplement as it:

•    Helps enhance and maintain cardiovascular health, and prevents risks associated with heart failure through the harmonization of six combined herbs
•    Supports circulation
•    Aids in preventing the hardening of the arteries
•    Increases energy production in the heart muscle
•    Mitigates heart rhythm abnormalities
•    Improves oxygen and blood flow
•    Supports overall health of the blood vessels

Heart and circulatory conditions aside, practitioners can also consider using Kardovite as an adjunct to support primary treatments for other types of health conditions and situations. Kardovite helps to increase peripheral circulation, and so enhances the body’s ability to deliver the nutrients and herbal medications used to correct or enhance patients’ health.

These can include:
•    Recovery from sports injuries or athletic enhancement
•    Cold hands and feet
•    Fatigue
•    Some types of erectile dysfunction
•    Any other condition in which improved circulation can contribute to healing.

As February is Heart and Stroke Month, stock up your clinic today with Kardovite and Kardovite brochures for patients to give out to friends and family.

Click here to for more details on the benefits of Kardovite!


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