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Golden Flower's Amber Stone-Transforming Formula: A Patient Report

by John Stan | Aug 29, 2013

This report was originally published by Golden Flower Chinese Herbs and has been republished with permission.

Below is a case study written up by the patient himself about his experience with Amber Stone-Transforming Formula (Hu Po Hua Shi Pian) and is reprinted here with his permission.

I have had kidney stones for 20 years now. I go to the doctor only when the pain is so bad that I will need pain relief. I have learned to recognize where the stone is located in my body after having so many of them.

My most recent episode with a stone was one of the worse I have had. First I went to a kidney “specialist” who sent me to get X-rays and a 24 hour urine test. I know I have stones and I thought maybe this guy would have answers for me after going through his hoops. Well, like the other tests and doctors I have seen, the only conclusion was “you have kidney stones.”—“No kidding,” I thought! No answers on how to help pass them other than drink a lot of water. I did get some pain meds from the visit, however.

The meds lasted for a few weeks and then I really got into some pain. This time the only open place was an ER. After paying a $250 co-pay, I left with the pain killers and was told by the doctor that maybe it had passed already. I started looking into alternative methods to help me with passing stones.

I was lucky enough to find Dr. Jake Fratkin’s detailed report online about kidney stones. By this point I had been walking around with testicular numbness for three weeks and popping controlled drugs to get through the days. Kidney Stone on Penny for ScaleThe large stone was stuck right between the ureter and the bladder and I was afraid another $5,000.00 surgery was going to be needed to help me. I was prescribed Amber Stone-Transforming Formula by Dr. Fratkin, and after about three days of taking the pills—boom—the stone passed. Four pieces came out in my urine. I took a picture of the biggest piece (see picture on left). I did keep drinking water while taking this formula. I probably took a total of 24 pills before it came out.

I wanted to share this and I hope anyone with this problem can find relief soon. So far, after 20 years of these stones, this formula, Amber Stone-Transforming Formula, has worked the best for me. --Kurt C.


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