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  • Protectival: New Licensed NHP for Oncology and Immune Compromised Patients

    by John Stan | Aug 29, 2013
    Eastern Currents is very excited to announce the introduction of Protectival: A new Natural Health Product licensed by Health Canada (HC). Based on more than two decades of research and clinical experience, Protectival , (clinical trial name: LCS101) is LifeBiotics’ product, which has shown benefit for oncology patients.
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  • Golden Flower's Amber Stone-Transforming Formula: A Patient Report

    by John Stan | Aug 29, 2013
    I have had kidney stones for 20 years now. I go to the doctor only when the pain is so bad that I will need pain relief. I have learned to recognize where the stone is located in my body after having so many of them. My most recent episode with a stone was one of the worse I have had...
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  • Clinical Uses for Kardovite - Part 2

    by John Stan | Aug 29, 2013
    In our Summer issue of our newsletter, we looked at the first 4 of 8 clinical uses for Kardovite. Now, more than ever, heart health is of critical importance. The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation reports that in Canada, every 7 minutes a person dies from heart disease or stroke. Every step we can take as practitioners to help mitigate these outcomes needs to be taken. Let's take a look at the last 4 ways Kardovite can be used in the clinic to help your patients.
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  • Clinical Uses for Kardovite - Part 1

    by John Stan | Jun 26, 2013
    You may have seen the bottle on our website, in an email, or even in person. You may have held the little capsules in your hand, cracked one open, and dumped its contents onto your tongue. You may even be taking it yourself, as part of your daily health regime - but do you really know all that Kardovite can do? In this article, let's take a look at the 6 mighty herbs that make up this special heart tonic, designed to keep your heart pumping strong, and efficient all day long.
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  • Assisted massage techniques for long lasting hand health

    by John Stan | Feb 04, 2013
    Massage, manual therapy, deep tissue release, Tui Na (TCM massage techniques) and other methods of tissue work are satisfying techniques for both the patient and the practitioner. Last year we introduced the Heskier’s OneTool (HT) as a solution to these potential problems. Practitioners are loving the feel and effects of this assisted massage tool. Younger practitioners can use the HT to avoid joint wear and tear and experienced practitioners can use the tool to reduce discomfort and reduce continued degeneration of joint tissue.
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  • Introducing Kardovite - A Unique Herbal Supplement for Your Patients' Heart Health

    by John Stan | Jan 07, 2013
    Kardovite is a heart tonic that promotes cardiovascular health in adults. Developed by pharmacist and herbalist Sam Ibrahim in 1999, the formula is based on his German education and 35 years of experience assisting patients at his renowned Edmonton pharmacies. Kardovite capsules contain hawthorn, garlic, bilberry, cayenne, milk thistle, and valerian. All of these ingredients have been used in traditional herbal medicine for hundreds, even thousands of years, and work synergistically to enhance heart health.
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