Your practitioner chooses Eastern Currents because we carry only premium high-quality herbal formulations from recognized manufacturers with a history of excellence.

Our selection of product lines offer a wide variety of treatment options. Plus, we do all the quality control screening so your practitioner can focus on caring for you!

Your practitioner will recommend herbal formulas for both a short and long-term strategy. The short-term strategy will be to use specific formulas that correct the current imbalance. The long-term strategy is utilized once your practitioner feels your imbalance is healthfully restored.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has a long and successful tradition of using herbal formulas to reinforce and strengthen the body. This preventative strategy is unique to TCM. The formulas used in this case are very safe for long-term use and provide nutrients to your cells enabling them to thrive!

Often practitioners will utilize both acupuncture and herbology to maximize results. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s energy by encouraging circulation, while herbology provides the body with a broad spectrum of bioactive ingredients to resolve health problems and nourish the body for long term wellness.

A background on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbology

TCM herbology is a sophisticated system of combining natural substances to influence the ecosystem of the body to restore balance and health.

  •
  • The majority of the substances are plant-based, however, mineral and animal ingredients may also be used.

    Each substance in TCM herbology has a well-defined set of attributes, such as taste, action, direction, meridians it influences and more. Ingredients are carefully selected and combined to address a patient’s distinct pattern of disharmony.

    TCM formulas can be as simple as one herb, or can be a complex combination of up to twenty substances.

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    TCM herbs can be dispensed in the following ways:
    • Raw Herbs

    • Dried and prepared ingredients that are combined into daily doses. The patient then takes each packet of herbs and cooks the ingredients for 1 to 2 hours. The decoction is then consumed.

      • This is the strongest form of herbal medicine
      • Very individualized
      • Takes time to brew
      • Taste is often overwhelming.
      • Has a strong odour that can permeate one’s living space

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    • Concentrated Powder Granules
    • Herbal powders are a modern way to easily and conveniently access the benefits of TCM Herbology.  Specialized manufacturers combine high quality herbs and cook them down to create a concentrated syrup. This syrup is then sprayed into a mist from which the water is removed.  The remaining fine powder is used as an instant tea. Just add to hot water and drink.


      • Convenient
      • Can be individualized to the precise pattern of the patient
      • Pre-screened herbs are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and yeast/molds


      • Has a strong taste and/or smell

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    • Concentrated Tablets or Capsules
    • Tablets or capsules are decocted formula powders (like those described above) that are then encapsulated or pressed into powders 

      • Easy to take
      • No bad taste
      • Easy to transport
      • Easy to swallow
      • Some tablets or capsules require a large number of tablets to be ingested to reach a therapeutic dose.

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    • Liquid Extracts
    • Liquid extracts are created by cooking down the herbal formula in a liquid and alcohol mixture to extract the active ingredients. The resulting liquid is preserved with alcohol and then bottled in 1, 2 and 4oz volumes. Dosages are one or two droppers of the concentrate added to hot water to be consumed daily. 

      • Easy to transport
      • Convenient
      • Pre-screened herbs are tested for heavy metals, pesticides and yeast/molds
      • Some very strong tastes
      • Sometimes the droppers can clog

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    The popularity of herbal medicines has grown tremendously in the last 20 years, resulting in herbal supplements of varying quality for sale to the public.  Some of the areas of concern are herbs:

    • that may be adulterated with Western drugs
    • that may be laden with heavy metals, pesticides, fungus and/or molds
    • that may be low-quality or incorrect herbs manufactured in substandard facilities

    Whether in powder, capsule, tablet or extract form, you can be assured that herbal formulas from Eastern Currents provide your practitioner are pre-screened for toxins and conform to the highest professional standard.


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