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Qi beauty Training is now available year-round!
Learn one-on-one or in small groups from Certified Trainers

Qi-beauty-treatment-2017We're pleased to announce three new Certified Master Qi beauty Trainers in Canada - making learning this incredible modality and incorporating it into your clinic easier than ever!

The Qi beauty Trainers are Master Qi beauty Practitioners who have trained with founder Kathy Pedersen to take over the role of Qi beauty Training Levels, 1, 2, and Advanced.

With marketing tools and ongoing support provided to trained practitioners by Qi beauty Australia, taking a course will leave you ready to incorporate Qi beauty into your clinic immediately.

Qi beauty Practitioner training is an intensive, hands-on course. The techniques of Qi beauty - including Static Magnetic Stimulation Techniques, Matrix adaptation and skin recovery protocols - are based on the evidence gathered over 11 years of clinical trials performed by Kathy Pedersen with supplementary case studies conducted by other qualified Qi beauty Practitioners in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

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If you're interested in adding Qi beauty to your clinic or spa, contact one of the three Certified Trainers below for more details, and to register today!

Qi beauty Certified Master Trainer Lisa Dallin, N.D., Dipl.AC

Healthy Ageless Living

Lisa Dallin

Lisa is passionate about restoring vitality, energy and a youthful, anti-aging approach to life helping people live longer and live better.  Lisa has long integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine in both her personal life and her previous career as a Naturopathic Physician, making Qi beauty a natural extension and perfect fit with its rejuvenation and anti-aging focus. Dedicated to sharing a lifetime of knowledge, Lisa is thrilled and honoured to be able to share Qi beauty with others. Teaching people how they can be in control of their own aging process is a gift like no other, and Qi beauty puts that gift in the hands of physicians and professionals so they can share it with others. Lisa’s hands-on approach and small class sizes ensure a comprehensive understanding of the theory and techniques of working with static magnetic fields and matrix adaptation for achieving the best regenerative results. Students leave feeling confident in their abilities and Lisa is always available for continued support and further training.

Book your personalized Qi beauty training with Lisa Dallin:

Contact Lisa at qibeautytraining@lisadallin.com or 778 583-2001 to book your personalized Qi beauty training. Or visit her website www.drlisadallin.com


Qi beauty Certified Master Trainer Prenaka Ram

Massage Therapist, Spa Owner

Prenaka-200x181Prenaka is the owner of Namaste Day Spa and an experienced teacher and mentor. Prenaka joined Qi beauty as a practitioner in 2015 when she and her husband Jai travelled to Australia to learn the art of Qi beauty with Qi beauty Founder Kathy Pedersen. Prenaka studied with Kathy for a week of intensive training at the Qi beauty Training Clinic on the Gold Coast before returning to Edmonton to introduce Qi beauty to her Day Spa, Namaste. Prenaka is trained in a range of modalities of massage as well as aesthetics. She is very kind, personable and instills confidence in her students through her ever-present encouragement and contagious enthusiasm. Prenaka's experience, knowledge of skin and her attention to detail makes her an excellent teacher. Prenaka incorporates relaxing facial techniques into her Qi beauty trainings to give future clients a blissful and unforgettable treatment.

Training available with Prenaka Ram:

Courses with Prenaka Ram are available in the following cities upon request:

Eastern Canada: Montreal & Quebec City, QC; Ottawa, Toronto & Kitchener, ON and surrounding areas
Central Canada: Winnipeg, MB, Saskatchewan, SK
Western Canada: Calgary & Edmonton, AB; Victoria, Nanaimo, Prince George, & Vancouver, BC

For more information, email Prenaka directly or text 780-236-4814




About Qi beauty Training

The Qi beauty intensive training teaches practitioners the techniques of Qi beauty based on 11 years clinical trials and ongoing matrix adaptation for the best age-control results.

Training includes:

Qi beauty training

  • A demonstration and explanation of techniques including "chaining" to create a magnetic field, bridging to connect acupuncture points within facial lines, anchoring to motor points, and creating reservoirs to bring volume.

  • An explanation of the science behind the techniques including the role of bioregulatory and regenerative effects of Static Magnetic Fields.

  • An exploration of case studies to learn the techniques of the Facial Treatments, including clinical trial evidence.

  • A look at the role of skin flora and the Qi beauty detoxification treatment using reverse protocols to add another dimension to the theory of Qi beauty.

  • Demonstration of the pathway to alkalization of human skin, followed by practitioner participation.

  • Lots of hands-on practice! Qi beauty Training is a a hands-on experience, practitioners are encouraged to embrace the unique treatment by performing multiple facials throughout the course to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the theory and techniques.


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