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MAY 2019 - IMPORTANT UPDATE ON BLUE POPPY PRODUCTS - PLEASE READ: For the past several years, we have been working to comply with the Health Canada Natural Health Product regulations, but the TCM formulas sold by Eastern Currents are professionally dispensed products and do not fall within the scope of these regulations that are intended for over-the-counter products. As such, this grey area has resulted in a regulatory burden that makes the continuation of the sale of some product lines in Canada not feasible for both the manufacturer and us as the importer. We regret that the Blue Poppy line will no longer be imported by Eastern Currents, so we will be phasing out the product line as we sell out. We understand that this is a challenge for practitioners who have come to depend on some of these products, and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please refer to the Golden Flower and KP lines for alternate formulas. Our customer service agents will be happy to help you should you require assistance. 
Should you like to address your concerns about the status of professionally dispensed products directly with Health Canada, you can submit your comments to

Blue Poppy Originals 

Blue Poppy Enterprises, established in Boulder, Colorado, by herbalist Bob Flaws, has developed Blue Poppy Originals, a unique line of formulas designed for patients who present with multiple or complex patterns. Each formula is based on extensive research coupled with clinically proven results from China and is then modified to deal with the complexity of Western patients.

Blue Poppy Originals is a line of sophisticated formulas that can treat complex, multi-layered patterns. Detailed formula notes give a breakdown of each pattern being treated and an easy-to-use guide helps you determine the key symptoms for each pattern. These two features make this product line user-friendly, especially as they address many of the common, complex patterns that many Western patients present with.

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Herbal products are only available to qualified practitioners with TCM herbal training.



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