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KAN\kan\n. 1. shrine,  2. a cabinet in which noble substances are kept

The Kan Herb Company has been an international leader in providing superior Chinese herbal formulas to healthcare providers and their patients worldwide for more than twenty years. Kan’s formulas set standards of excellence, with guaranteed purity, potency, and bioavailability. The formulators of their products are among the most accomplished and influential in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

  • Ted Kaptchuk, formulator of the Kan Herbals line
  • Steve Marsden, DVM, L.Ac., Diplomate of Chinese Herbology, Naturopathic Physician, formulator of Kan Essentials, a specialty Veterinarian line
  • Z'ev Rosenberg, L.Ac., O.M.D, overseer of the adaptation of classical formulas for Kan Traditionals

The Kan Herb Company has always believed the best way to ensure the consistency, quality, and safety of their products is to do their own manufacturing. These products are uniquely made in the USA and the Certificates of Analysis attest to the extensive testing our products undergo. Doing their own manufacturing eliminates the risk of contamination, substitution of herbs, or falsified test results.

The Kan Herb Company is the manufacturer of the following herbal lines:

Kan Herbals

Traditional Chinese medicine embodies centuries of trial and refinement that have produced an ensemble of classic healing herbal formulas. Kan Herbals are a modern version of many of these enduring formulations, rooted in ancient wisdom while addressing the contemporary clinical needs of Westerners.

Kan Traditionals

Manufactured in the United States following stringent standards to ensure purity, potency and safety, Traditionals are high quality Chinese classic and patent formulas.

Kan Traditionals are free of colourings, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, and sugar. Each formula is processed in small batches, yielding a final product with superior percentages of herbal material per ounce, and the individual flavors and clinical potency that the ancient masters intended.

MycoHerbs -Pioneers in Nutritive Mushroom Preparation

In China, mushrooms are used as part of Fu zheng therapy,that benefits the entire organism In traditional terms these herbs would be said to support defensive Qi, the Wei. In modern language, this translates as herbs that strengthen immunity.

Experience the clarity and pure flavor of a MycoHerb product yourself, and compare it to any other. Most other mushroom products use ordinary strains of dried mushrooms that have been grown in sawdust. Greater care is taken in the MycoHerb process: superior strains are cultivated over many years and extracted with advanced technology. The mushrooms are grown until they start fruiting. At this stage of development, the mycelium is the densest and nutrient levels their highest; polysaccharides are peaking at up to 15% of the composition.

A two-fold, temperature-specific water and alcohol technology extracts complex sugars like polysaccharides that are soluble in water as well as oils such as triterpenoids and other resins that are soluble in alcohol. Products extracted through both water and alcohol are more nutritionally complete and active.

Kan Essentials Veterinary Line
Formulated by Dr. Steve Marsden, DVM, ND, MSOM, LAc, Dipl.C.H.

These classical formulas display the genius, adaptability, and resilience typical of the Chinese Medicine that has so astounded the western world.

A major impediment to the use of herbal medicine in veterinary practice is a lack of familiarity with products, and a lack of confidence in their prescriptions. Dr. Marsden has addressed both problems by providing not only thoroughly tested formulations, but also detailed instructions on precisely how, and when to use them to resolve problems plaguing veterinarians and animals alike.

With these formulations and expertise, any veterinarian, regardless of their training in Chinese Medicine, will begin to experience success in medicine that can scarcely be dreamed of in conventional practice.

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Herbal products are only available to qualified practitioners with TCM herbal training.


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