KP Herbs - Details on Manufacturing

KP utilizes the One-way Flow System to avoid any possibility of contamination or human error in the production process. Each stage in production is controlled by separate inspectors to ensure that every batch of herbs undergoes strict standard operating procedures.

From the beginning, the practice of Dao Di, Di Dao quality control strategy is used, which means traceable source material from the best growing grounds.  Standard operating procedures in this initial stage of manufacturing includes: the tracing of herb batches to their growing grounds: comparing the herbs to a library of TLC and HPLC fingerprints to exclude adulterants, lower grade and fake herbs: inspection to verify the homogeneity of the batch and an initial screen for contaminants.


After the herbs have been properly identified, they are cleaned and cooked together in a vat called a rotary extractor.  This unique extractor possesses an essential oil retrieval system for which KP holds the patent. The system captures and preserves volatile oils, which are later reintroduced in the granulation phase.  Once the extraction is complete the decoction flows directly into a state-of-the-art, low –temperature vacuum, evaporation-concentration system.  Now in the form of a viscous liquid, the decoction is piped into the flow coater section of the closed system where the concentrate is sprayed on minute particles of base material, and then dried into concentrated granules. Typically the powdered herbs are utilized as the base material, but if they are cloying KP will use non-GMO potato starch as the foundation instead.

When tablets are produced from the concentrated granules, technicians precisely measure and press the granules into smooth tablets requiring only an additional 2.5% of binding material (which is far less than other companies which often include up to an additional 25% of flow promoting and binding materials).

Testing protocol:  Comprehensive tests are carried out after each run for heavy metals, pesticides and the presence of yeast, molds and fungi. Testing is done according to international standards using state-of-the-art screening procedures. A Certificate of Analysis is attached to each batch of product produced.

Additional analysis is done in Canada by Eastern Currents ensuring that heavy metals, pesticides and microbials fall within limits deemed acceptable by Health Canada at the recommended dosage levels.  Further to this, independent testing of product batches on a rotational basis is carried out in Canada as an additional quality control procedure.

Support materials: A full and detailed description of using the KP powders can be found in the book Notes from South Mountain by internationally recognized TCM academic Andrew Ellis. The book details the ingredients of each formula, its historical use and its modern clinical application. Along with detailed descriptions, single ingredient modifications of formulas are presented for practitioners who wish to adjust formulas for specific conditions. Also included is a detailed symptom index with TCM pattern associated with each symptom. This excellent feature enables practitioners to select formulas based on the presenting symptoms and pattern of disharmony.

Notes: KP herbal products, whether in granules or tablets, can be used by practitioners who are trained in TCM and want to offer their patients the best professional-level, concentrated herbal products in the marketplace. The convenience of using the “instant tea” granules saves the patient hours of decocting formulas and yet gives them the “full strength” benefits of the herbal formulation. Many TCM hospitals in Taiwan and China exclusively use concentrated granules as their method of choice for administering herbs

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