Auricular needles of various forms have been developed over the years as a result of the outstanding clinical results obtained from stimulating points on the ear. Specialized clinical protocols and mapping methods have obtained results, from simple pain-related problems to more complex constitutional imbalances. We have selected the finest needles for use with these protocols.

ASP Original from Sedatelec

The ASP Original is the original semi-permanent needle and injector that was designed in France accordance with the work of Dr. Paul Nogier. Setting a high standard for quality and innovation, Sedatelec has become world-renowned for their products. The ASP Original needles are easy to use and very efficient. This small, semi-permanent single-use needle is composed of a stainless steel needle housed in a plastic injector. This injector allows the practitioner to grasp and easily and precisely implant the needle into the patient's ear. The needle ensures a permanent action for as long as it remains in place. The injector is equipped with a bipolar magnet that enables patients to stimulate their own needle for continued therapy. Round beige tape is supplied to cover positioned needles.

Asiamed Apex

The Asiamed Apex is a precisely engineered, single-use semi-permanent auricular acupuncture needle for maximum patient comfort. These miniature stud-like ear needles are made from high-quality surgical stainless steel. The Apex needle is designed for a stronger stimulation effect than the traditional press tack needle. The needle is simple to handle and insert using the applicator. The bipolar magnet insert on the end of the applicator allows manipulation of the needle after it is inserted and provides additional stimulation. The needle can be secured in place with an adhesive plaster (supplied). A gold-plated Apex needle is also available (Apex Gold).

Press Tacks

Press Tack needles are made of stainless steel with a shape similar to a thumbtack, and are inserted into the tissue for semi-permanent needling methods. Small size press tack needles are used for auricular points. We stock Press Tack needles from the following companies:

  • Asiamed
  • Carbo
  • Hwato
  • Seirin

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