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  • April is Earth Month

    by | Apr 04, 2022
    On April 22, 1970, millions of citizens across America took to the streets to protest the pollution of the natural environment. 52 years later, this one day has continued to be acknowledged around the world with events and protests with estimates of over a 100 million people participating with live in-person and online events.
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  • The Ancient Tools of Moxibustion are now recognized as a Class 1 Medical Device in Canada!

    by | Mar 21, 2022
    After various consultations with us, other industry members, and the users of the products over the last couple of years, they finally came to the conclusion that we were hoping for… Moxibustion is generally safe and non-invasive!
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  • Year of the Tiger – 2022 – Chinese Astrology Musings for the Year

    by | Jan 28, 2022
    On February 1, 2022, the Lunar start date for the year of the Rén Yín 壬 寅 Water Tiger begins, with the official Astrological Solar start date beginning on February 4, 2022 at 04:58. This year of the Yang Water Tiger will be action-focused, about movement, getting things done, and implementing your inspiration, goals, and dreams. The Tiger, when we look at another perspective of the Astrological cycle of life here on planet Earth and the Earthly Branches, is the START and the FIRST of the animal signs.
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  • Reishi Mushrooms & Liver Health

    by | Jun 25, 2021
    There is some circulating information in the health and wellness field about the potential for mushrooms to be both beneficial and harmful to the liver. The intention of this newsletter is to provide you with any relevant information you may need to be more informed about the impact reishi has on liver health.
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  • Mushroom Ecology: A unique keystone of the natural world

    by | Jun 14, 2021
    Mushrooms have a unique and important role in ecological systems as a part of nature. Mushrooms have a similar breadth in the health and wellness world. This newsletter explores some of the key shared features of both ecological and clinical actions of medicinal mushrooms.
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  • Mushrooms and Autoimmunity

    by | May 26, 2021
    With the rising impact of stress, chronic infections, increased intestinal permeability, and synthetic stressors, auto-immune conditions are becoming more popular. The conventional approach to suppress the immune system may not be creating long-lasting change that patients are striving for.
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  • Year Of the Ox

    by | Jan 29, 2021
    The Farmer stares out across the fallow field and sees mud and downed branches from the storms of winter, knowing that first he must clean up the field and then wait patiently until the land is ready. When it is time, the Farmer puts the yoke on the Ox and slowly plows the field. Then the Farmer plants the seeds and waits for them to grow. Eventually the Farmer brings in a good crop, maybe two if luck is with him. This is the story of this Ox Year.
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  • Year Of the White Rat

    by | Jan 20, 2020
    January 25, 2020 is the start of the Chinese Year of the White Rat (or Mouse). The Rat is the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac system and this is the beginning of a completely new 12-year and 60-year cycle and is therefore considered the beginning of a new era. It is also the start of another decade, all of which makes it an especially important year for new beginnings and new possibilities. It is time to bring out new ideas, new plans and say yes to new opportunities. It is a good year for reinvention and starting over.
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  • Reduction of Acu-Waste Now Possible

    by | Oct 31, 2019
    Multiple studies on acupuncture have proven the use of a thin solid needle to be an effective technique for the reduction of pain and stimulation of the immune system. The increase in popularity of acupuncture has resulted in a corresponding increase in acu-waste. With more than 10 million acupuncture sessions being offered annually, the amount of acu-waste or acu-trash has been increasing proportionately to the popularity of the technique.
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  • Practitioner Appeal: Moxa on the Rocks

    by John Stan | Jun 28, 2019
    Dear Practitioners: It is time for our industry to stand up and demand that a review be done to reverse a decision that has been made by Health Canada about moxa that will negatively impact practitioners and patients.
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  • Downward Pressure on Professional-Use Products

    by John Stan | Jun 28, 2019
    In 2004, when the Natural Health Product Regulations (NHPRs) came into effect, Health Canada officials assured stakeholders who were selling to health practitioners only that there will be additional regulations to address this category of Professional-Use Products. The current regulations are geared to managing risks the of over-the-counter (OTC) natural products. A practitioner-dispensed product has a reduced risk, as the use of the Natural Health Product (NHP) is managed by a learned intermediary.
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  • Heart Felt Summer Fun

    by John Stan | Jun 24, 2019
    It is in the nature of the heart to want to experience the world. Summer is the season of the heart and the season for travel. Take advantage of the summer energetics to strengthen your heart and be prepared for the challenges that can arise while travelling.
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  • Opening the Senses - Renewal, Revelation and Relaxation with Essential Oils

    by John Stan | Apr 29, 2019
    Do you ever feel stuck in the way you see yourself, bound by old stories or ideas about who you are? Do you wish for moments when you could just see or hear things differently? Spring is the time of new beginnings, fresh growth and a perfect time to renovate how we see and do things. In the Spring, which in Chinese medicine we think of as Liver and Gall Bladder or Wood element time, we are looking at rebirth, renewal as things emerge from the Winter slumber time and begin to grow again. So much is possible!
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  • Chinese Medicine and Sinus Allergies

    by John Stan | Apr 29, 2019
    Quite often when treating sinus allergies, the immediate focus is on symptom relief - a branch treatment. In Chinese medicine, we don’t treat the allergen; we treat a weakness or an imbalance in the system. Since in Chinese medicine there are no isolated systems, we look for the different patterns involved in this particular disharmony.
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  • Congee and the Importance of Wet, Cooked Breakfasts

    by John Stan | Feb 28, 2019
    All foods share their energetic influences when eaten. Understanding single foods and their combinations, implemented with clear diagnoses and well-founded theory forms the basis of Chinese medicine dietary therapy. Hydration is key to good health, and wet breakfasts are an often-forgotten key to good hydration. Wet breakfasts—porridges and congee—absorb a great deal of water as they cook. This fluid is gradually given up during digestion, like a time-release capsule of healthy hydration.
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  • Diet and Dampness

    by John Stan | Feb 25, 2019
    Dampness is one of the six climatic factors taught in Chinese medicine, along with cold, heat (fire), wind, summer-heat, and dryness. For many today, modern heating and air-conditioning have eased the climatic influences—unrelenting cold or oppressively humid summer heat can be escaped by going indoors. And while climatic dampness can be an important issue for those living in basement apartments or with hidden mold, more and more what we see in our culture is dampness somehow arising from the inside. Dampness - often shadowing the obesity epidemic - is on the rise.
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  • Micro Acupuncture 48

    by John Stan | Feb 22, 2019
    Approximately 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide. 39 million are blind and 246 million have low vision. Many of these conditions are considered untreatable by conventional medicine, often leaving patients in a hopeless situation.
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  • Year of the Brown Pig

    by John Stan | Jan 15, 2019
    February 5, 2019 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Brown Pig. This is a Yin Earth Year with the Yin Water of the Pig below. This combination is a tricky one as the Elements are in opposition. Luckily, they are in the Yin form of the elements so any skirmishes or conflicts should be minor. The combination of Earth and Water together make mud, which is why this year’s Pig is brown! This can be taken literally, meaning that there will be more mud created in the natural world, or it indicates that there may be a lack of clarity in people’s thinking. Taken even further, it may be that there will be some mud-slinging politically – a messy proposition!
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  • 2019: Make it a year of Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng)

    by John Stan | Jan 02, 2019
    As many practitioners of Acupuncture and TCM know, Yang Sheng is the practice of nourishing life. The branch of TCM knowledge called Qi Gong provides practitioners with a large number of internal and external practices that were developed over the centuries to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health.
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  • Abdominal Acupuncture - a Micro-System with Super Powers

    by John Stan | Jan 02, 2019
    Abdominal acupuncture (Fu Zhen) is a powerful new system of acupuncture which was introduced in China by its developer Prof Bo Zhi-yun in 1991. Abdominal acupuncture (AA) uses the area between Ren12 (Zhongwan) and Ren3 (Zhongji) on the vertical line and Sp15 (Daheng) as the outer most points on the horizontal lines.
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