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  • Year of the Yellow Dog - 2018

    by John Stan | Jan 16, 2018
    February 16, 2018 is the start of the Chinese Year of the Yellow Dog. This is a Yang Earth Year, which will bring much more stability, with a few notable exceptions. The Elements are Yang Earth on top of Earth, which means that they harmonize with each other. So, overall, it is will be a much calmer year and may sometimes even seem boring. But there is a Chinese saying that “Boredom is good luck, because you have choices!” After two fiery years, it is time to exhale and take in a deep breath to regroup. There will be a palpable feeling of relief from the tensions of the previous years, especially as we get deeper into the year. Life should get easier and more relaxed.
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  • Hacking Chinese Medicine

    by John Stan | Jan 12, 2018
    Acupuncturists in lecture audiences and students alike have long asked me to write up the treasures that I now pass along in class. They tell me that when they overthrow their stab-in-the-dark practice of Chinese medicine to incorporate insights about the workings of channel Qi, their clinical results are vastly improved. They have satisfaction in knowing what they’re doing, as opposed to that nagging feeling that they’re just guessing and hoping for the best.
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  • Welcoming 2018 by Bringing On the New Year’s Resolutions for Self-Care!

    by John Stan | Jan 02, 2018
    The tradition of starting the New Year with resolutions has become ingrained in many of us over the years. When something new begins, we intuitively want to institute some measure of change along with it. This year, I have noticed more articles in the press advocating we drop the urge to make resolutions. The naysaying voices reflect that resolutions lead to bad feelings. The better strategy is to drop them and just be the perfect you that you are already!
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  • The Ultimate Energy Challenge - How One 60-Year Old Conquers It!

    by John Stan | Jan 02, 2018
    What are your plans for your 60th birthday, if you haven’t had it yet? How does running 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days appeal, as an idea? Well, that’s exactly what Dr. Pushpa Chandra is doing – starting at the end of January, 2018. She’s taking part in the World Marathon Challenge, which starts in Antarctica and moves on to Cape Town, Perth, Lisbon, Cartagena and, finally, Miami. During this intense 7-day period, she will eat and sleep on airplanes and be ready to run a 42.2-kilometre marathon each time she touches down.
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  • Acutonics - the Art of Science, and Medicine and Music

    by John Stan | Nov 28, 2017
    Acutonics embraces both ancient wisdom traditions and new paradigms in health and wellness, while remaining firmly based in science and strongly supported by case study documentation and research. It is a re-unification of art and science, music and medicine and elegantly harmonizes the cosmobiology of both patient and practitioner.
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  • Classical Five-Element Acupuncture...Beginning the Journey

    by John Stan | Nov 28, 2017
    The Chinese understood human beings to be microcosms, meaning that within us are the same elements that are found in Nature. When these elements are functioning in health and balance within us, we experience health. If the elements are imbalanced, disease must be the result.
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  • Empowering Patients Post Treatment with Self-Cupping

    by John Stan | Oct 31, 2017
    Modern cupping techniques using plastic or silicone cups, both in the clinic, or at home for self care, are opening up new dimensions to healing and health. Maintaining healthy fascia is instrumental to aging well.
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  • Folate & Folic Acid: Are They the Same Thing?

    by John Stan | Oct 26, 2017
    Folate, also known as Vitamin B9, is an important nutrient that we need in our diets daily. Vitamin B9 can be found in leafy greens, broccoli, and dried legumes such as beans and lentils. This key nutrient is used by your body to make DNA and other genetic material, produce new cells, and to support nervous and immune system functions. So, it's no surprise that folate is especially important to women during pregnancy.
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  • Live Well Live Long - Chapter 1 by Peter Deadman

    by John Stan | Oct 23, 2017
    Live Well Live Long, by Peter Deadman, explores the wonderful Chinese tradition of nourishing life (yangshen). Continuously developed over more than 25 centuries, it serves as a workshop manual for the care of the human body, mind and spirit. Its teaching can help us improve our health and lengthen our lives through cultivating our mind, emotions, diet, exercise, sleep, sexual behaviour, and much more. As this book reveals, these teachings are comprehensively backed up by the findings of modern lifestyle research. Read chapter one.
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  • The Throat is a Gatekeeper

    by John Stan | Oct 23, 2017
    Our “first line of defense” against external pathogens includes: zheng qi, wei qi, mucosal linings, and innate immune response – depending on which conceptual prism we are using. But the throat is arguably the last defense against external pathogens because once an external pathogenic factor (EPF) has passed beyond the throat, it becomes internal. In this article, we cover several Golden Flower formulas that benefit the throat.
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  • Modern Cupping & Fascia Release Throughout the Hips

    by John Stan | Sep 28, 2017
    Bruce Bentley presents a new explanatory framework and treatment vista for cupping by using flexible and easy-to maneuver silicone vessels to remodel discordant fascia. The practical focus will be on treating chronic hip pain and restricted mobility.
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  • Exploring Cupping Therapy: 5 Days of Hands On Learning with Bruce Bentley

    by Aly Lewis | Sep 28, 2017
    This September, Eastern Currents was pleased to welcome world renowned cupping therapy practitioner and teacher, Bruce Bentley, for five days of hands on learning. Throughout the event, Bruce relayed stories and fascinating facts about the history of cupping across numerous cultures that have developed a wide array of practices and applications. Cupping is not unique to Chinese Medicine, but has historical roots across all cultures. Participants practiced the skills they learned on each other, so they were able to immediately practice the skills demonstrated in class.
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  • The Stomach Official - by Professor Neil R. Gumenick

    by John Stan | Aug 29, 2017
    The Stomach, known as "The Official of Rotting and Ripening Food and Drink", with its paired Official, the Spleen, represent the Earth Element within us. In the cycle of the seasons, Earth is associated with Late Summer – a time when growth has reached completion. The harvest is abundant, the fruits ripe, round, sweet, and ready to be picked. What had been once a seed has come to fruition. The Earth generously provides the nourishment we need to live and thrive. The Officials of Earth within us receive the food, make it into a proper digestive mixture, and transport its essence to fuel every organ, function, and system. No organ or physical or non-physical process could occur were it deprived of nourishment.
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  • The Symbolic Value of Numbers

    by John Stan | Jul 27, 2017
    Numbers play a significant role in Classical Chinese texts. They indicate the quality more than the quantity. The systematic recourse to numerology helps to keep the framework of the discourse in mind, while setting out the processes of life. Without losing sight of the unity ‐ which is the nature of life ‐ numbers show its development, stage after stage. They are the reflection of the natural order.
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  • Wired and Tired

    by John Stan | Jun 30, 2017
    Wired and tired is the perfect description for many of our patients that come to the clinic. Many of today’s health problems have their root in excess yang (wired) and deficient yin patterns (tired), or in other words, adrenal fatigue and chronic inflammatory conditions.
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  • A Walk Along the River - Book Foreword

    by John Stan | Jun 29, 2017
    Bookstores in China have shelves and shelves of books on Chinese medicine. A great many of these books chronicle a practitioner’s experience with and thoughts about the practice of the art. What drew us to select this book and to choose, through our translation, to offer it to Western readers is its unique depth, nature, and tangible clinical utility.
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  • The Cost of Health

    by John Stan | Jun 28, 2017
    The patient who balks at the cost of herbs/natural medicines that are recommended to them is an all too familiar experience for practitioners. In Canada, many of us are used to a heavily subsidized allopathic medical system, so we are trained to not want to spend money on our health. In fact, for those with extended healthcare plans, it may be easier to go to their family doctor or walk-in clinic to get a prescription for medication to suppress the symptoms so they get immediate and cheap relief. But, they have come to you for help, and that is a major hurdle overcome. The second hurdle is for them to take the next step and follow your recommendations, which likely includes lifestyle changes along with some nutritional and herbal support. In light of this, we wanted to take a closer look at the cost of health, so you can work with your patients to make reasonable and effective choices for their health plan.
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  • Time Acupuncture

    by John Stan | May 25, 2017
    The neologism "Time Acupuncture" illustrates the combination of the energetics of the time with the energetics of the acupuncture. Through the coordination of these energetic cycles we are able to optimize the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment.
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  • The Quintessential Sincerity of the Therapist

    by John Stan | May 24, 2017
    There is always a relationship between present beings. This relationship is even stronger when these beings focus on one another, direct their attention from one to the other, as is the case between doctor and patient. What occurs in the treatment is also what occurs between them.
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  • Get the Scoop on Chlorella and Spirulina

    by John Stan | May 01, 2017
    An important, and often overlooked, aspect of healing is the bioavailability of the necessary nutrients needed for the body to function optimally and for healing to occur. Over the past while, we have been referring to this as a core nutritional foundation, and it needs to be a key part of any treatment plan. While eating healthily is obviously important, it may not be enough for a variety of reasons.
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