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Assisted massage techniques for long lasting hand health

by John Stan | Feb 04, 2013
Massage, manual therapy, deep tissue release, Tui Na (TCM massage techniques) and other methods of tissue work are satisfying techniques for both the patient and the practitioner. For the patient, relief of symptoms and relaxation are usually immediate. For the practitioner, the personal satisfaction of having provided relief and comfort to a patient cannot be understated.  There is, however, a double edge for the practitioner that is always present.  The lurking danger to the practitioner is that over time, wear and tear on the joints of the hands will occur. Through protracted pressure and stroking of tissue, joint surfaces are under continual stress resulting in a potential increase in arthritis and chronic joint pain of the hand.  Often practitioners have to avoid any activity the places undue stress on the joints. 

Last year we introduced the Heskier’s OneTool (HT) as a solution to these potential problems. Practitioners are loving the feel and effects of this assisted massage tool.  Younger practitioners can use the HT to avoid joint wear and tear and experienced practitioners can use the tool to reduce discomfort and reduce continued degeneration of joint tissue.

Last December Martin Heskier came to Vancouver and we filmed a number of instructional vignettes. We also took the time to talk to Martin about the pricing of the tool. As this is a professional tool made from high quality materials the pricing for the HT has been in the $119.00 dollar range, however, through negotiation, we were able to acquire another 20% off the pricing which we are now able to pass on to you. We are therefore very excited to offer the tool now at the reduced pricing of $95.96!

Take advantage of this reduced price to preserve your hands and risk free massaging for many years to come.

Click here to buy the Heskier's OneTool.

View the Heskier's Instructional Videos


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