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Protectival: New Licensed NHP for Oncology and Immune Compromised Patients

by John Stan | Aug 29, 2013

Eastern Currents is very excited to announce the introduction of Protectival:  A new Natural Health Product licensed by Health Canada (HC). Until now all of our herbal products have been licensed under the “traditional” stream by HC. This means that the herbs and formulas are assessed based on the use and experience of a traditional healing system, which in our case, is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Protectival is unique, in that it was licensed in the "Non-Traditional" stream, meaning that its license was granted based on a review of scientific evidence of the effectiveness of the formula.   

Protectival, with the clinical trial name of LCS101, is an extract derived from 14 different bioactive botanicals. In addition to the vast body of scientific evidence regarding these ingredients and their therapeutic effects, Protectival was subjected to rigorous testing, including a randomized, controlled, double-blind clinical study in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy which was published in 2011 in “The Oncologist.”  This trial included 65 breast cancer patients who were randomized to receive either Protectival or placebo. The trial commenced two weeks prior to the first chemotherapy dose, and continued until the last dose.

Preliminary results showed a significant effect on anemia (reduction from 42% in the placebo group to 18% in the Protectival group), Leukopenia (reduction from 48% to 18%), and Neutrophenia (reduction from 48% to 27% in moderate neutrophenia, and from 38% to 12% in severe neutrophenia).

Additional pre-clinical studies show an increase in white blood cell count, an increase in white blood cell activity, and an increase in proliferating lymphocytes and macrophages, as well as dose dependent killing effect of breast cancer cells in-vitro.  

The wonderful news about Protectival is that it represents a formula, designed and composed of TCM herbs. Not only does Protectival represent the power of TCM, it has  been put through significant investigation to scientifically validate its properties.  

Protectival will be available from Eastern Currents in mid-October. To inaugurate the availability of Protectival, we will be hosting a 1-1.5 hour lecture on Friday, October 18th with Dr. Yair Maimon, the creator of the formula, at a downtown location (TBA). Dr. Maimon will be in Vancouver to speak at the 10th International Conference on Integrative Oncology.

Research References:

2011 Oncologist Article for Cancer Study by Dr. Yair Maimon
Anti-Breast Cancer Research by Dr. Yair Maimon

About Protectival

Based on more than two decades of research and clinical experience, Protectival , (clinical trial name: LCS101) is LifeBiotics’ product, which has shown benefit for oncology patients.

Packaged in tablets, it is manufactured by a rigorous production protocol from a highly concentrated bio-active botanicals, known for their medicinal qualities.


Protectival Active Ingredients

The rationale behind Protectival formulation is based on ancient medicinal knowledge which divides herbs into categories, each one verified by scientific research. The herbs were chosen for their synergic effect from the following categories:

  • Destroying unhealthy cells
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Reducing side effects, protecting the body from toxins.

To learn more about Protectival, visit the Protectival Website.

Update: As of 2016, Protectival is currently unavailable in Canada. To order, or for more information, please contact Lifebiotic directly.


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