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Join Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee in Vancouver

by John Stan | Mar 04, 2016

I'm very excited to announce that Eastern Currents Learning will be bringing world-renowned scholar Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee here to Vancouver, this November 2016. Our goal with Eastern Currents Learning has always been to provide practitioners with learning opportunities that bring them the very latest in acupuncture needling techniques to the richness of the classics of TCM.

Elisabeth Rochat is indeed a rare treasure for practitioners. She has studied and worked with leading Sinologists as early as 1974. Elisabeth, together with her first mentor and lifelong collaborator, Dr. Claude Larre, have translated several key Taoist and TCM classics. In addition to the translations, this powerful team has also written 13 key books that deeply explore the mind, body, spirit connections of the TCM classics.

Besides the 13 books she has co-authored with Father Claude Larre, Elisabeth de la Vallee has also written 9 books of her own.

I was first exposed to one of Elisabeth’s books back in the eighties. This artful book, titled "The Heart", explores the meaning of the heart in Lingshu through an exploration of metaphors and deeper analysis of the ancient characters. I remember the excitement of reading it for the first time. The book changed my perspective of TCM classics and brought to me many comprehensive and meaningful insights of TCM. Even now, I still believe that this book is a valuable resource for us modern practitioners. 

From that day on, my ears were primed for more from these scholars. Unfortunately, Father Claude Larre passed away in 2001. In the meantime, Elisabeth remained inspired and passionate about the depth of our medicine. I began to hear more and more praise about Elisabeth from other well known teachers and trainers who studied regularly with her. Their glowing reports of her ability to de-construct the intent of various texts, and place them into meaningful context for modern practitioners inspired me to reach out to her and invite her to share her knowledge here in Canada through Eastern Currents Learning. 

So today, Eastern Currents Learning would like to invite you to join us on November 26 and 27 in Vancouver with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee to learn more about the Axis of Healing and the Importance of our Heart/Mind, Intention (yi) and Will (zhi). The Axis of Healing is a topic that Elisabeth and I have carefully chosen. We feel that this topic is significant to Acu/TCM practitioners. 

This coming November, delve deeply with us as we explore the axis formed by both patients and practitioners. Learn with Elisabeth and gain a greater understanding of the central importance of the heart and mind, intention (yi), will (zhi), and their relations and concepts with TCM classics. 

Click here to learn more about Elisabeth and be sure to mark your calendars for her upcoming course! 


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