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Coconut for Pets: "Smart" Fibre & Healthy Oil

by John Stan | Jun 25, 2018
Article written by Tara Gabler, Olie Naturals

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Olie-Coconut-Crumble-550Coconut products have been heralded as a wonder "super food" for humans for years, but did you know that our animal friends can also experience its benefits? Both Coconut Oil and fibre-rich Coconut Crumble can nourish and support the health of our favourite animal companions!

Coconut Crumble – The “Smart” Fibre for Your Pet

Fibre is essential to healthy digestion – in particular, indigestible fibre (or prebiotic fibre) feeds the microflora and promotes regularity.  Our pets cannot communicate with us which can present challenges to us as owners – oftentimes, we don’t know that they are experiencing stomach trouble until it becomes outwardly apparent. Proactive pet owners are always looking for additions to their pantry for use in case of such emergencies. Another issue is the increasing number of pets with pancreatic issues or food sensitivities – it is a real struggle to find treats that are suitable.

Thankfully, nature provides answers! Coconut fibre has proven to be an excellent source of fibre. Many plant fibres contain phytic acid which interferes with absorption of minerals. Uniquely, coconut fibre does not contain phytic acid and, in fact, assists in regulating the speed of digestion so that nutrients may be properly absorbed. This regulatory property makes it helpful in instances where a pet may be experiencing their stomach contents passing too quickly (diarrhea) or too slowly (constipation). In either instance, coconut fibre makes an ideal solution.

Coconut fibre is highly-digestible, may stabilize blood sugar levels and may improve the glycemic index of meals – these qualities are supportive of pets with diabetes or pancreatic issues. Pet with sensitivities or allergies generally tolerate coconut very well. In fact, the prebiotic fibre may support microbiota diversity, which is essential to a balanced immune system. This is welcome news to pet owners as pets with these health conditions usually have very limited options for treats!

Coconut fibre has also been used traditionally as an antiparasitic.

Olie Natural’s Coconut Crumble is an organic, single ingredient, whole food source of coconut fibre – with coconut oil added to increase digestibility. None of our products contain preservatives, holding agents or emulsifiers. We put our trust in Nature’s Intelligence.

How to Use Olie Naturals Coconut Crumble:

  • Prepare the jar for use ahead of time!Gently melt the contents by placing the unopened jar in a bowl of hot water.Leave for 10 minutes. Open the jar (contents will have started to melt). Cut the solid piece into smaller chunks. Close the lid and place jar back into bowl of hot water. Repeat as necessary. Coconut Crumble will melt into a smooth paste. This may be poured out onto a cookie sheet & placed in the fridge or freezer. After it's cooled, the Coconut Crumble may be cut into convenient, treat-sized pieces and stored in the fridge.
  • This high-value treat is perfect for training or as a healthy snack.
  • Ideal energy source for athletic or working dogs.
  • Cats love Coconut Crumble!


Coconut Oil– The Healthy Fat for Your Pet

Coconut oil is well-known for its many protective qualities – antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, even antiparasitic. Studies have shown medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) found in coconut oil have been linked to heart health, support brain and immune system function, among many other benefits. Sharing such a remarkable food with our pets only makes sense – however, not all coconut oils are equal.

These health benefits have not gone unnoticed by big business. Coconut oil is now a major industry and unfortunately, this means that these MCFAs are too-often removed from coconut oil to be used in other products and that same coconut oil may still be sold as 100% organic. How can we ensure that the coconut oil we are using has these all-important MCFAs?

At Olie Naturals, we have extensively searched for the highest quality coconut oil we could find. Through this process, it became clear that there is a significant range in quality.  Not only is it important to use organic, non-GMO, gently processed coconut oil but to have the proper ratio of MCFAs – namely, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid. If these MCFAs are not in the ratio nature intended, they do not have the intended results. Nature provides the answers so it is essential that we utilize and benefit from her wisdom.

We guarantee that each container of our coconut oil has the proper ratio of MCFAs – that is why we clearly state in the Nutrition Facts box the percentage of lauric, capric and caprylic acids so you can have confidence in recommending Olie Naturals’ coconut oil in your practice.

How to Use Olie Naturals Coconut Oil:

  • Coconut oil may be used topically on yeasty skin or any cuts or scratches.
  • Add to meals to increase palatability and appetite, especially for picky or aging pets. Cats generally love coconut oil!
  • This easy-to-digest oil is a great energy source for athletic or working dogs.
  • Pets with pancreatitis or diabetes need to be careful with fats. Coconut oil does not require pancreatic enzymes to be utilized by the body so does not put additional stress on the pancreas.

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