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The Modality You Aren’t Using to Help Your Patients & Business, This Holiday Season

by John Stan | Oct 29, 2018

Article written by Tova Gold, Co-founder,

earseeds-applicationAs the holidays roll around, it’s easy for you and your practice to get lost in the shuffle of your clients’ and patients’ busy lives. Despite the fact that you know you can help them manage and balance all of the holiday responsibilities and stress, they aren’t necessarily realizing that. As a practitioner and business owner, if you want to help them at this time of year, it’s your responsibility to reach into their lives, connect with them, and let them know that you are there and available to support them.

Of course, there are a lot of people competing for their attention so it’s important to stand out and make them realize that you aren’t preoccupied with *getting* something from them, you’re there to give and help them. That being said, keeping your clinic or office filled and vibrant through the holiday season is undoubtedly a good idea for you and your business too, as it sets you up to start 2019 strong!

A great way to accomplish this is with EarSeeds! Many practitioners use and think of EarSeeds as an “add on” treatment to complement whatever other modalities they’re using, but did you know that they also work great as a standalone treatment you charge for? When you know how to position and market them they are a great, quick, inexpensive way to drive traffic to your front door while helping your clients and patients with a variety of common holiday ailments, from the stress and anxiety of dealing with the in-laws to curbing those pumpkin pie and eggnog cravings.

As a bonus, if you use Swarovski Crystal EarSeeds, they not only lend a cheerful holiday sparkle, they act as a walking billboard for your practice! Everyone you seed will be asked about their new bling, and those conversations always lead back to you!

Here are three great ways to use EarSeeds in your practice to keep your treatment rooms full this holiday season...

1 - Create a targeted after-work event! Pick a niche you want to dive into-  maybe a “Beat The Holiday Stress” or “Avoid The Holiday Bulge” event in your clinic. Use Crystal EarSeeds as the draw, invite people to try them. Offer complimentary Swarovski EarSeed placements on just one or two points and explain how and why Ear Seeds work. (Shen men, appetite, tranquilizer) Give a little talk about holistic lifestyle shifts they can make to support their goal, and how a more comprehensive EarSeeds treatment plan (read: multiple sessions) can support them in sticking with those goals. Make sure you have products to sell and treatment packages to offer so you easily convert every drop-in visitor into an ongoing paying patient!

Speaking of which…

2 - Sell EarSeeds Kits! Around now everyone has holiday gifting floating in the back of their minds, and EarSeeds Condition-Specific Kits are a great, unique, affordable and thoughtful gift! With 17 different conditions - everything from stress, to libido, weight loss, fertility & kids, there’s something for everyone! People don’t show up at their acupuncturist looking for gifts though, so it’s up to you to display products in a way that sparks thoughts of gift-giving- whether that means a sign that says “Makes a great gift!” or you deck them out with tinsel and hang them from the waiting room’s Christmas tree -or do both! has generously created two free, downloadable posters that you can print out and display to help you do just that! Find two different designs here and here.

(Click the images above to download high-res versions to display in your office.)

3 - Give the gift of healing this holiday season! Make it easy to buy and gift your services this holiday season by creating multi-session ear seeds treatment packages. Trained Auriculotherapy practitioners generally charge about $30 - $50+ for a stand-alone auriculotherapy session. Offer an easy-to-purchase gift certificate for 5 sessions for $100 that can be used throughout the holiday season. Because EarSeeds are both powerful and quick to use, recipients can swing by on short notice without having to schedule the time for an hour long appointment, making it a win-win for everyone! Some practitioners worry that if the service is too quick, you can’t charge a lot (or even enough) for it. But remember, they’re coming to you with the goal of transforming their health. When Ear Seeds, properly applied, provide that transformation quickly during a busy season, it’s actually a benefit!

Now that your creative juices are flowing with some easy-to-implement holiday ideas, head on over to our selection of EarSeed kits to pick up everything you need to keep the traffic flowing in your door and keep your patients, clients & community healthy and happy this holiday season.


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