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This class explores the philosophy, cosmology, and scientific and mystical roots of Acutonics, which is grounded in Oriental medicine, psychology, and science. This first level of training focuses on the cross-cultural use of sound, the relationship between the human body and sound, energy meridians, and acupuncture points as pathways for sound. Cellular memory, sound imprinting, and the roles of the Kidney, Jing, and Essence are examined in the context of an Eastern medical model. The course also offers new insights into the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, which provide a powerful therapeutic gateway for sound vibration.

Through instructor lecture and recorded demonstrations, students learn the theory and how to apply precision-calibrated tuning forks, using sound intervals that are based on the orbital properties of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. An introduction to the principles of Five Element theory examines the relationships of these tools to the cycles of nature, the organs, meridians, correspondences, and archetypal qualities. A wide variety of physical, psychological, and spiritual conditions are also explored. Students will learn about point selection, which includes the use of the Extraordinary Vessels, Microcosmic Orbit, Windows to the Sky, Three Treasures, and other points with rich therapeutic benefits.

Price: $540.00
CEUs/PDAs: 18 Approved: Standard Certificate, IVAS (4)
Length: 18 Hrs
Course Type: Studio Recording
Access Period: Lifetime
Notes: Notes are provided with this course.


  • Explain the philosophy, cosmology, and scientific and mystical roots of the Acutonics® Healing System.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in locating key points along meridians including source points, Huato Jiaji, and window to the sky points, to assist in healing and transformation.
  • Differentiate which tuning fork combinations (known as intervals) to apply to innovative point combinations on and above the regular meridians, extra-ordinary vessels, and chakra systems for specific treatments.
  • Discuss acupuncture points from the perspective of OM poetics and images as they inform potential for use.
  • Differentiate the functions and Therapeutic applications of each of the extraordinary vessels and understand their relationship to the kidney.
  • Understand the role of the Three Treasures and their function within the HPA Axis and in stress reduction.


0 hrs - 2.5 hrsNorth I-V: Welcome to Acutonics, and the Creative Spiral; Calling in the 4 Directions; Intro to the Great Theme; Energetics of Sound; Planets and Physiology.

2.5 hrs - 4 hrsEast VI-IX: Macrocosm to Microcosm; Hua to Jia Ji and Ba Liao; The Body Orbit of the Governing and Conception Vessels; The Story of Ohm; The Earth Year Cycle and Frequency; Holding and Activating the Tuning Forks; Demonstration of Hua to Jia Ji's with Ohm Unison.

4 hrs - 8 hrsSouth X-XIII: Musical Intervals of the Acutonics Healing System; Musical Intervals and Ohm as Fundamental Tone; Zodiac 3rd, Earth Day 5th, New Moon 5th, Full Moon 6th, The Solar 7th, Ohm Octave, Interval Review; Introduction to the Oriental Medical Theory and Meridians; Yin Yang Theory, Five Element Theory, Cartography, Biological Clock; Points and Their Therapeutic Applications; Illustration of Earth Moon Intervals on Points.

8 hrs - 10.25 hrsWest XIV-XX: Intro to the 8 Extraordinary Vessels; 8 Extraordinary Vessels; Chakras; Windows to the Sky; Three Treasures; Illustration of the Esoteric and Energetic Channels; Closing.

10.25 hrs - 12.25 hrsCompletion of Reading Materials - Welcome, Video Links Document, North & East.

12.25 hrs - 15.25 hrsCompletion of Reading Materials - South.

15.25 hrs - 18 hrsCompleting of Reading Materials - West.



Birch Storey, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is a leading expert in the field of psychoacoustics, energy psychology, and vibrational healing. She has been in practice for over a decade and is a senior faculty member of the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine. Read More »


If you want to take your acupuncture practice to the next level and heal on multidimensional levels, the Acutonics system can take you there. This profound system is absolutely amazing and transformational. The level 1 online class taught by Dr. Birch Storey is well put together easy to follow and gives you the chance to take it at your own pace, at your convenience. It was awesome to have the time to access and re-access the information and solidify the root foundations of the system prior to progressing to the following levels. It was also great to not have to take time away from work.Claire E.Canada


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