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Participants will learn the differences between Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) which is over 6000 years old and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is just over 60 years old. Dr. Robidoux will decode a number of translation errors and omissions from CCM to TCM and their importance in treatment protocols such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and Reynaud's Syndrome. Practitioners will learn a number of powerful tools inherent in CCM that can be used in clinics today. Important concepts covered include: the Zhong Mai, the three dan tians, symptom differentiation, and important views on body fluid. Several case histories will also be reviewed to demonstrate the efficacy of CCM. Recorded Q&A included.

Price: $120.00
CEUs/PDAs: 4 Approved: NCCAOM, IVAS, California, Standard Certificate
Length: 4 Hrs
Course Type: Recorded Seminar
Access Period: Lifetime
Notes: Notes are provided with this course.


  • Learn to identify and differentiate the 6 different locations of diseases
  • Learn to treat these syndromes and concurrent syndromes
  • Learn the 4 important steps to clinical success according to CCM
  • Explore important differences between TCM and CCM meaningful in Chinese Medicine


0 hrs - 1 hrsDiscussion of the history of CCM and TCM and the reasons for the omissions and translation errors and the resulting impact on treatment protocols.

1 hrs - 2 hrsThe identification and differentiation of the 6 different locations of diseases.

2 hrs - 3 hrsTreatment protocols for syndromes and concurrent syndromes and the four important steps to clinical success according to CCM.

3 hrs - 4 hrsCase study discussion: Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Acute Appendicitis, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.Recorded Q&A session included.



Dr. Suzanne Robidoux, Ph.D, DAOM, L.Ac., has lived Asia for almost 2 decades, studying TCM with various masters. She completed her Ph.D. in acupuncture at Nanjing University, and specializes in neurological and psychological disorders. Having translated and edited over 20 professional Chinese medical textbooks, she is asked to lecture internationally often. Read More »


This course sheds light on the differences between TCM and Classical Chinese Medicine in a way that puts the knowledge within reach of clinicians looking to clarify and integrate the different traditions of Chinese Medicine.Deborah O.United States

Easy to understand.Anne-Marie M.Canada

This course by an excellent teacher provides information about acupuncture practice not usually available in North AmericaFrederick S.United States

Dr Suzanne is very articulate and patient, she explains everything in detail!Xing Z.United States


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