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Depression is one of the most commonly seen disorders. It is estimated to affect roughly 350 million people throughout the world, both in developed countries as well as developing countries. The WHO assesses that by the year 2020 depression would be the second most influencing cause of debilitated quality of life. Antidepressant medication side effects include: Sluggishness, drowsiness, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, increased/loss of appetite, weight gain, loss of sexual appetite, blurred vision, insomnia and depression.

From one aspect, Dr. Robidoux summarizes a 5 year long research carried out at “The Affiliated Brain Hospital” in Nanjing which has proven and confirmed that acupuncture has important advantages in treatment of depression when compared with SSRi without showing any negative side effects. She also brings about effective treatment protocols and approaches to treat the syndrome causing depression and other psychosomatic disorders such as OCD and anxiety.

From another aspect, Dr. Robidoux presents a classical approach to understand the mechanism of the body and mind causing depression from different internal and external aspects. She covers the diagnostic methods and the treatments to reverse the progression and resolve the symptoms successfully. By providing a short introduction of the two main classical Chinese medicine approaches, Dr. Robidoux increases the understanding of the body and mind connection in depression to bring a clear understanding of the effective treatment protocol for different patient types.

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CEUs/PDAs: 4.5 Approved: California, Florida, IVAS, Standard Certificate, NCCAOM
Length: 4.5 Hrs
Course Type: Recorded Seminar
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  • Review the etiology of depression according to TCM and according to classical Chinese medicine.
  • Understand the classical Chinese medicine outlook on life and health and understand how it is diseases in systematic and neurological disorders.
  • Learn some of the keys treatment lines of scalp acupuncture in the treatment of depression.
  • Learn essential moxibustion treatments to depression.
  • Review live cases of success of depression and their treatment approach.


0 hrs - 1 hrsIntroduction to understanding and etiology of depression.

1 hrs - 2 hrsUnderstand depression according to classical Chinese medicine.

2 hrs - 3 hrsLearn the key aspects of Classical Chinese medicine which affect the mind and the neurological system.

3 hrs - 4 hrsIntroduce the research done in the neurological hospital in Nanjing and introduce some specific body acupuncture needling techniques effective for depression.

4 hrs - 4.5 hrsLearn the full protocol of treating depression while avoiding reoccurrence. Watch recorded participants of the live seminar practice needling techniques on a partner while verifying correct locations of these techniques.



Dr. Suzanne Robidoux, Ph.D, DAOM, L.Ac., has lived Asia for almost 2 decades, studying TCM with various masters. She completed her Ph.D. in acupuncture at Nanjing University, and specializes in neurological and psychological disorders. Having translated and edited over 20 professional Chinese medical textbooks, she is asked to lecture internationally often. Read More »


Dr. Robidoux is a passionate and compassionate teacher who has a remarkable ability to summarize treatment concepts into clear concise gems that are easy to process. Alison D.Canada

The instructor is quite educated and explains her information clearly. This shows how depression can be the root of many more physical ailments.Lara B.Canada

Very highly recommend Suzanne for any practitioner seeking greater understanding and use of Classical Chinese Medicine.Pamela M.Canada

Suzanne's passion for her material and clear depth of expertise makes this course a very engaging and enjoyable way to learn an additional approach to treating depression, which is something I've been seeking for some time. Thank you, Suzanne!Patt L.Canada

Suzanne Robidoux is an inspirational teacher.Gloria E.United Kingdom

Interesting and new ways of treating mental disorders with TCMClive P.Australia

This course is a must see to anyone interested in this topic. it is clearly explained and it goes into many really practical areas. I have learned a lot from Souzanne. Alina Barlogeanu C.France

Dr. Robidoux is a brilliant healer and teacher. It's wonderful that she is teaching us how we can help more people.Glynda B.United States


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