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Part One of this two-part series discusses three major energetic blocks which, unless cleared, will threaten the patient's life or prevent treatment from being effective. In this webinar, each of three blocks: Possession, Aggressive Energy, and Husband/Wife Imbalance are discussed in their order of treatment priority. Participants will learn the likely causes of these blocks, how to detect their presence, and how to resolve each with acupuncture, including the points to be used, needle technique, instruction on point location, and how to determine whether the treatment was successful.

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CEUs/PDAs: 1.5 Approved: Standard Certificate, California, NCCAOM, IVAS
Length: 1.5 Hrs
Course Type: Recorded Webinar
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  • Participants will learn to identify and treat a possessed patient, resolving this block, which if unresolved, will prevent effectiveness of conventional treatment.
  • Participants will learn to test for and remove (if present) Aggressive Energy, a pathological condition, which if unresolved, has lethal consequences.
  • Participants will learn to test for and remove (if present) a Husband/Wife Imbalance which, if unresolved, has lethal consequences.


0 hrs - 30 minPossession — description, its causes and consequences, how to detect and treat, point location, and needle technique

30 min - 1 hrsAggressive Energy — what it is, its causes and consequences, how to test for and treat, point location and needle technique

1 hrs - 1.5 hrsHusband/Wife Imbalance — historical perspective, causes and consequences, how to detect on pulses, protocols for removal



In practice for over 30 years, Professor Neil R. Gumenick, M.Ac. (UK), C.T. (Adv.), L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), is the Founder, Director, and Chief Instructor of The Institute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Inc. An author in numerous puclications, Neil has taught at various institutions including Emperor's College and SAMRA University and lectures internationally as well. Read More »


This course is has given me additional knowledge and insight into looking for and/or testing for energetic blocks in my patients. A must all acupuncturists should be aware that can exist and interrupt the success of their treatment.Jill S.Canada

Neil Gumminick is a pleasure to listen to. He clarifies and simplifies procedures to make it easy to carry through to daily clinic practice. Not only is he so well versed in what he is teaching, his care for his patients oozes out of him. Something that we should all aspire to.Kathy K.Canada

I found this course very interesting. Although Im familiar with 5 element acupuncture, this course taught me that there is more to 5 element theory than you might think!Patricia .Canada

Neil is an effective instructor, the course material is novel and interesting. I plan on incorporating this into my practice. Recommended!Aaron V.United States


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