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In this part, Susan gives her lecture on How the Points Work. Some discussion topics include: cupping to clear toxins, the Five Theories used in Master Tung’s acupuncture, and deep needling versus shallow needling.

NOTE: This course mentions bleeding techniques and the treatment of cancer as part of the historical discussion of Tung’s acupuncture points. Bloodletting and Cancer treatment are not within the scope of practice for California Acupuncture Licensees. Furthermore, bloodletting and/or the treatment of cancer may or may not be included in your scope of practice in your particular jurisdiction. The mention of the historical use of these techniques does not certify the learner to use these points or condone the use of these techniques outside the scope of one’s practice in their jurisdiction.

Price: $58.50
CEUs/PDAs: 1.5 Approved: NCCAOM, IVAS, California, Florida, Standard Certificate
Length: 1.5 Hrs
Course Type: Recorded Seminar
Access Period: 1 Year
Notes: Notes are provided with this course.


  • To give a brief history of Tung's Points in the US.
  • To explain the use of the Nine Stars of the Magic Square and how we can use it to help with the selection of points within Tung's Acupuncture system for structural issues and pain.
  • To offer a detailed description of points from Tung's system of points, and learn more about the system in the 'how the points work' lecture, which will provide an overview of the 5 operative theories involved in the proper use of Tung's Points.
  • To offer how to learn this material, and give an overview of what will be covered and learned in the series.


0 hrs - 30 minUsing cupping for both chronic and acute conditions; recorded question about points for scapular pain; Cupping to clear toxins, what is meant by “Toxin Areas”; “How the points work” lecture; 740 points in Master Tungs system; This Door/This Corner/This uprightness relationship to Large Intestine channel; Connection of the distal points to the brain, particularly the thumb, fingers and the big toe; Opposite side needling for structural issues; Back Horse/Dao Ma supporting point techniques; 11.20 Wood Inflammation

30 min - 1 hrs1010.19-­‐1010.20 Water Gold/Water Through; 55.01 Fire Bag; 66.02 Wood Wife; 88.17-­‐88.19 Four Horses, location and Reaction Area elemental relationships; Example: sciatica treatments with distal and guiding points, using more than one guiding point to treat pain that occurs simultaneously in multiple channels; Bleeding – integral to Master Tung’s acupuncture, examples (Tai Yang, LU5, UB40); Susan’s HIV clinic; Deep needling techniques vs shallow needling; Needle according to the nature of the disease (heat, recent, deficient) vs (cold, chronic, excess), spring vs summer, winter and fall

1 hrs - 1.5 hrs Needle according to the physical condition of the patient; Muscular patients much harder for wind evil to evade, but once it happens it goes very deep in the body and is hard to extricate. Wind is something we treat every day, second to stagnation. Bring the wind out then rebuild the system; Focus the treatments and be very clear, don’t try to do too much or send qi in different directions. Consecutive vs simultaneous treatments; Case history: 10 year old waterboy for football team who got tackled, asthma and nightmares, 1010.19-­‐1010.20 Water Gold/Water Through and Prefrontal scalp needles; recorded Q&A and case histories



A graduate of the ACTCM, Susan Johnson, L.Ac., has been practicing TCM for over 30 years. She studied extensively with Drs. Miriam Lee and Young Wei Chieh, and teaches Tung's Points internationally. Read More »


I find so much information for my everyday work at the clinic, in Susan Johnson's courses. The details are fantastic.Akupunktør L.Norway

Susan is a great teacher with a compassion and knowledgeMarta C.Poland

I have been interested in Tung's acupuncture for quite some time; I have found it to be very fullfilling and look forward to continuing my studies.Raul C. Canada

Susan is a great teacher, who likes to teach and is more than wiling to share her knowledge, experience and downfalls in her career. She takes her time to explain the procedures. Love taking her courses.Teresa G.Canada

I love Susan Johnson and the passion she has for Master Tung's Acupuncture. The material is clear, concise and well presented. I feel so fortunate as this is probably the closest most of us will get to training with a Master in our lifetime. Thank you Susan for imparting your thirty years of experience.Wendy C.Canada


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