About Qi beauty Intensive Practitioner Training

Qi-beauty-Before-After-2018The images at left show a patient before a Qi beauty treatment (above) and after treatment (below). Qi beauty guarantees a visible difference after one Qi beauty facial. Training is structured at a level that ensures every practitioner is able to deliver facials with the same guaranteed results.

Demonstration and explanation of techniques include "chaining" to create a magnetic field, "bridging" to connect acu-points within facial lines, and "anchoring" to motor points and creating reservoirs to bring volume. The role of skin flora and the Qi beauty detoxification treatment using reverse protocols will add another dimension to the theory of Qi beauty. The pathway to alkalization of human skin will be demonstrated, followed by practitioner participation. 

Kathy Pedersen will open the intensive training with the core concept of the Qi beauty™ treatments and introduce you to the world of Static Magnetic influences on cellular adaptation for skin regeneration. Kathy will then introduce you to the Art of Qi with a demonstration of matrix design and the sequence of qi activation in a static magnetic field. 


She will begin with MATRIX design followed by the twelve steps of the Qi beauty™ facial whilst introducing you to the treatment components: Terminology, function, and action of a static magnetic field within a matrix.

Throughout the training, practitioners will perform protocols and techniques supported with a step-by-step manual and hands-on instruction. Treatment protocols for premature aging and deficiencies related to toxic skin factors will be addressed in practical demonstrations and practitioner participation. Practitioners will have an opportunity to learn and perform protocols for various skin types such as sensitive skin, pigmentation, and broken capillaries using Qi beauty techniques and professional skin nutrients.

Professional products will be explained, demonstrated, and supplied to each therapist throughout the training to ensure familiarity with the function during meridian stimulation. The training is comprehensive and very ‘hands on’ to ensure confidence in the application and results of the Qi beauty facial treatments for various skin conditions. Introduction to the Qi beauty aftercare routines and TCM philosophy to support facial results for sustainable anti-aging will be addressed throughout the Intensive Training Program to continue patient education of Qi for beauty.

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