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Join Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée for her Sage Practitioner Series as she presents two LIVE Seminars in Vancouver, BC.

Book an in-depth 2-day weekend seminar now. Don't wait to register - space is limited!

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Vancouver Intensive Training Dates: Saturday, November 24 and Sunday, November 25, 2018

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Vancouver Location: Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre, 711 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (click for map)

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9:00am - 5:30pm; (includes a 1-hour lunch and 2 x 15 min breaks)

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14 CEUs/PDAs:

Approved: Standard Certificate, California (CAB), FL, IVAS, NCCAOM

This is a live in-person seminar event. Registrants will receive a set of notes.
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About Elisabeth Rochat

Elisabeth Rochat de la ValleeBorn in Paris in 1949, Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee studied philosophy, literature and classics at Paris University where she completed her Master's degree in Classics and in Philosophy, and then in Chinese.

Elisabeth met Claude Larre s.j. when she was 20, while he was working on his PhD thesis on the Huainanzi and translating the Laozi. As a result of his influence, she began to study Chinese, working with him on Chinese classical texts. Elisabeth also studied modern Chinese with a native speaker and spent a year in Taiwan (1974) to further her studies.

In the early 1970's, Father Larre met Dr. Jean Schatz, a western physician with an interest in oriental medicine He was an acupuncturist with a special interest for the classical medical texts. At this time, Elisabeth began to embark on her study of Chinese medicine, and together with Dr. Schatz and Father Larre, began the first study group of the classical medical texts in Paris. This lead to the founding of the European School of Acupuncture in Paris in 1976. 


Aging / Yangsheng with Elisabeth Rochat

Live Seminar: Aging / Yangsheng with Elisabeth Rochat - November 24-25, 2018

Live Seminar: Aging / Yangsheng with Elisabeth Rochat - November 24-25, 2018

with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee.
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Course Overview:

Day One: Aging According to Classical Chinese Medicine: Preparing and Living Well for One’s Age 

Aging is part of life, but it can be normal or premature; it can be either a gentle decline with no serious imbalance or the start of a succession of imbalances which trigger or aggravate a pathological condition.  The Kidneys - and the fire of Mingmen - are basic in the process of aging; but, emotions and psychology, as well as the conduct of life, also play an important role.
We present how the classical texts consider longevity and the art of becoming old without losing the quality of vitality. Then, we will look at how the medical texts  - specifically the Suwen and Lingshu – see aging and how they describe the cycles of its emergence and manifestation. We will show how the organs preside over aging but also how aging can harm them. Furthermore, we will study the effects on blood and qi, on fluids, and the different qi elements of the body.
In addition, several pathologies will be examined, and some are due to the organic decline caused by old age, some are aggravated by it, and some develop complications that are characteristic of aging. Examples of phlegm, loss of sleep, somnolence, dementia, exhaustion, and others will be covered.
There will also be a more in-depth study on the pathology of memory loss.
Memory loss is either occasional, incidental, or linked to emotional states, exhaustion, blood stasis, or deficiency; it is also usually related to aging.
This class explains the relationship between loss of memory and the different organs, the patterns of excess or deficiency, their relationship with aging, and with sleep disorders. Texts from the classics are elucidated carefully. A synthesis of all causes and symptoms are offered. A strategy for treatments is given.

The Flight of the Phoenix Workshop

SOLD OUT!! Live Seminar: The Flight of the Phoenix / Nature and Destiny of a Human Being According to the Chinese Classics with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee - November 23, 2018

SOLD OUT!! Live Seminar: The Flight of the Phoenix / Nature and Destiny of a Human Being According to the Chinese Classics with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee - November 23, 2018

In-Depth Afternoon Workshop with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee.
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