Korean Hand Therapy Advanced

Level-Up Your KHT Knowledge & Skills with this Advanced Series of Courses

The KHT Advanced Series covers many methods used to increase the healing power of KHT. Micro-meridians that correspond to body meridians are mapped on the hands, and this allows access to body energetics through the hands using simple stimulation, tonification, sedation and moxibustion practices. Eight Extraordinary micro-meridian treatments stimulate core energies for rebalancing the body and can be accessed through the extraordinary micro-meridians. 

This series also presents the entire theory of how to determine the best treatment to rebalance the energetics through results from “Three Constitutions” and “Yin-Yang” Pulse Diagnosis.

KHT hand treatments can be combined simultaneously with other modalities including body acupuncture, reflexology, massage, and other micro-system treatments. Fortunately, all treatment protocols can be applied with or without needles.

Also presented in this series is how to instruct clients to apply safe, non-invasive self-treatment between office visits.  All Advanced theory and practices are consistent with TCM theory.

PREREQUISITE: It is strongly recommended that attendees of this series take the complete Basic KHT Series prior to registering for these Advanced courses; it is highly recommended courses within the Advanced Series are taken in order.

Learning Objectives for this Recorded Webinar Series:
  • Learn how the Micro-meridians can be tonified or sedated to balance energy flow.
  • Understand how Eight Extraordinary micro-meridian treatments can be utilized with KHT protocols.
  • Learn how diagnostic conclusions for treatment can be determined through Three Constitutions abdominal diagnosis.
  • Learn how to accurately determine exactly which meridian is most important to treat through Yin Yang Pulse diagnosis in order to re-balance the client's energetic system.
  • Learn that KHT hand treatments can be combined with other modalities such as acupuncture, reflexology, and other micro-system treatments.
  • Understand how clients can apply safe, non-invasive self-treatment between office visits.

KHT Advanced Series - All Modules

Purchase the whole series and save 15% (discount reflected in price)

KHT Advanced Series (All Modules) with Dan Lobash

KHT Advanced Series (All Modules) with Dan Lobash

CEUs/PDAs: 16 1/2 (Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM, California, Florida) Save 15% on the KHT Advanced courses when you purchase the complete series!.
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List Price: CAD$375.00
Your Price CAD$375.00/16.5 hrs

KHT Advanced Series - Individual Modules

Learn KHT in bite-size chapters!​

KHT Advanced Module 1 - Korean Hand Micro-meridian Theory

Module 1, Part 1: Overview - Location 1.5 hrs or CEUs/PDAs $33.00

Module 1, Part 2: Lu-LI, ST-SP: Location - Functions 1 hr or CEU/PDA
Module 1, Part 3: Ht-Si, KI-UB: Location - Functions 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
Module 1, Part 4: Liv-GB, PC-TH: Location - Functions 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
Module 1, Part 5: CV-DU: Location - Functions 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
KHT Advanced Module 2: Eight Extraordinary Micro-meridian Therapy 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
KHT Advanced Module 3: KHT Five Element Therapy 1 hr or CEU/PDA   $22.00
KHT Advanced Module 4: Three Constitutions Diagnosis
  Module 4, Part 1: Review 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
  Module 4, Part 2: Theory & Application 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
  Module 4, Part 3: Confirmation of Diagnosis 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
  Module 4, Part 4: Demonstration of Parts 1, 2 & 3 1 hr or CEU/PDA $22.00
  OPTION: Module 4: Three Constitutions Diagnosis - All 4 Parts (Save 15%)
4 hrs or CEUs/PDAs $74.80
KHT Advanced Module 5: Yin-Yang Pulse Diagnosis 2 hrs or CEUs/PDAs $44.00
KHT Advanced Module 6: The Seven Steps to Healing Effectiveness with KHT 3 hrs or CEUs/PDAs $66.00

About Dan Lobash

Dr. Dan Lobash, Ph.D., L.Ac., practices KHT: Korean Hand Therapy and Traditional Oriental Medicine in California and travels extensively, teaching KHT internationally. He began his acupuncture career in 1980, and his practice of KHT in 1988. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, the United States International University, Five Branches Institute and College of TCM, and received his Ph.D. from the California Institute for Human Science.


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